How do I know if I need to learn to type?

(4 minute read)   How do I know if I need to learn to type?   With so many of us now working from home, there is a constant need and expectation to work harder, faster and smarter, coupled with the anxiety to justify our productivity.   Had you ever looked around the office, watched your colleagues and thought that you really needed to type faster, or at least type as fast as some of your peers? Surprisingly, in these days of IT, computer and office-based working, 70% of office workers still do not type efficiently.*    So what’s the simplest and easiest way to work faster? Well, if you spend a lot of time at the computer, you need to work out approximately how many hours a day you spend there and aim to reduce that time, with the proviso you get the same amount of work done. An easy and free way to check your typing proficiency is to follow the flowchart above.    Take a free typing test on our site. Check your typing wpm score and find out if you are typing efficiently.   What do we mean by efficiently?   We mean quick, accurate typing, using all fingers and thumbs, whilst looking ahead at the screen and not constantly glancing down at the keyboard… back up to the screen… back down to the keyboard etc.     Why is this so important? Because when you touch type properly, the skill is automatised, enabling you to multi-task and think as you type. Productivity goes through the roof because there is little or no time spent searching for keys or correcting errors. Emphasis and focus are on creating and writing content quickly and efficiently.    Think of it as learning to drive a car. At first, we all need instruction, followed by practice, then finally, a test. Driving is a skill which is learned. Similarly, with typing, how are we expected to type efficiently, if we are not taught? One main reason is that we are generally too busy and have little time to set aside to learn this skill. Alternatively, it could be due to a mental block from poor typing courses taken in our past, filled with painful thoughts of boredom, repeatedly typing the same phrases and exercises over and over again. Or it could simply be that we never realised just how much time learning to type could save us throughout our daily and working lives.    Free up to 30% of your day!   Did you know that by learning to type you could free up to 30% of your day? If you don’t believe this statement, use our free ROI calculator and find out just how much time you could save annually.      Additionally, if you enter your hourly rate, you’ll find out how much money you could save your employer by learning to type efficiently. If you’re self-employed, that’s either wasted time or more billing time - you decide!   This is possibly a wake-up call and will help you understand why many employers and recruitment agencies now insist on candidates sitting a typing testbefore being considered or recommended for a position. The crazy thing is, typing as a skill is so easy to learn if taught correctly.   Set aside just 90 minutes to learn to type using KAZ’s © ‘Accelerated Learning’ teaching method and then practice on emails, essays etc. It is essential to maintain discipline and if you do, within a few hours you’ll be typing at least as fast as you were with 2 fingers but with the added benefit of knowing you will get much, much faster and also feel more relaxed whilst working at your computer. Sitting correctly and typing using good typing technique, rather than continually searching or thumping keys will also minimise the risk of you developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).   There is a reason why our course is used by both the UK and US governments, the MOD, the NHS, the police, businesses and schools worldwide.   We are still the only typing course available on the UK’s Learndirect and the US’s OpenSesame learning portals.   We don’t want to train you if you’re not going to benefit from our course. Why? We have a reputation to protect. Millions of people around the world have used, benefitted from and recommend KAZ. Our ethos is clear and our testimonials and partners are proof of our method working.    Yes, we charge for our course but this is for a reason. Our research has proven that pop-ups, advertising, gaming, videos and extensive modules all simply delay or extend the learning process. These are just methods used to monetise training or to harvest data. We don’t do that. We are governed by rules and fiercely protect our client’s data.    Our course and trademarked teaching method were designed to teach you to type quickly and with minimal fuss. Few of us have the time to waste trailing alternatives and wasting precious time. Our course costs just £/$24.99 - that’s all. No recurring fees, just a fair price for a ‘skill for life’.    How much time will you save by learning to type?    The average person will save $/£3000 per annum X 30 years = $/£90,000 or more importantly, 300 hours per annum = 340 days over 30 years, which is almost one year of your life!   Tried, tested and proven!     No games or videos but a method that works and promises to get you going in just 90 minutes**  No hard-sell tactics, just a proven method that was tried, tested and proven by the Open University, who were so impressed, that they wrote a white paper on its effectiveness and deployed the course to all their 90,000+ students for over 14 years.***   * KAZ’s free typing test - from over 3000 tests taken, 70% show an average score of just 17.2wpm. ** Our tests and surveys have shown that the majority of users complete the a-z keys in just 90 minutes. However, this is not guaranteed and some individuals may take longer. KAZ is structured so that the individuals can work at their own pace. Allow an average of 4 hours plus practice time to complete the entire course covering the rest of the keyboard.  *** Open University - white paper available on our website.

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KAZ Type, BBC Schools Dance Mat Typing and others

(4 minute read) Choosing the correct touch typing software for students can pose a real headache for schools and teachers, simply because there are so many to choose from. At the end of the day, they should all do the same thing, teach students to touch type. So, where do you start and what should you look for? A good typing software should be inclusive, safe and secure, record progress and have an effective and proven teaching method that builds muscle memory, producing results.   BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing                            BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing is a free resource and uses a similar method of teaching as several other typing software. Their teaching method includes videos, colour coded keys, games, badges, loud audio and bright moving visuals, etc.      Image – BBC Bitesize Dance Mat Typing   Does this method really work? Is there any science or research behind it to say it does? Does in build muscle memory and automaticity and most importantly, is it truly inclusive and suitable for the whole class? Some mainstream typing software claim to be SEN enabled but when you try them out, it is not always the case. Children get diagnosed with differences such as dyslexia at different stages of their school life. Until they are, they struggle to learn due to various challenges such as visual disturbances. If you think about it, how can a child learn to read, spell, write or type when the letters in front of them are blurred, jumping around or moving off the page altogether, accompanied with loud audio and continual onscreen distractions? As mentioned above, if you want to be assured of choosing the right typing software, choose one that is safe and secure for online learning, easy to use, developed through research, tried, tested, proven to work, industry recognised and one that is truly inclusive and caters for the whole class.   KAZ is an inclusive touch typing software suitable for both mainstream and special needs students  Scientifically developed through research by a team of experts responsible for producing 55 RSA/NVQ courses Trialled and tested by 18,000 students per year, over 3 years, in 300 private training centres across the UK Uses a proven Accelerated Learning teaching method, incorporating both brain balance and muscle memory Includes a special module for developing automaticity  All SEN aspects were developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust Includes a unique ©preference screen, minimising visual disturbances before students start learning  Simple in presentation, easy to use and delivered in a light hearted-manner  Safe and secure - KAZ are members of and ensure your student data is protected Teacher’s admin panel allows easy upload of student lists and monitoring of student progress in real-time  Affordable - prices to suit all school budgets Available: Download for Mac/PC, SCORM & Online, the new mode of learning, for practice beyond the classroom   The KAZ course has proven so effective that it was shortlisted as a finalist for several academic awards: Bett Awards in 2006 and 2019, Teach Primary 2019/20 and Teach Secondary 2019/20                                   There are not many typing tutors which have been tried, tested, proven and used by the Open University   KAZ Type Vs Bitesize Dance Mat Typing A Comparison                                                Why teach children how to touch type?   Children are like sponges, they absorb information without even realising it and it has been proven that the earlier they begin learning, the easier it is for them to master a skill. As for neurodivergent students, touch typing offers a new medium for learning and communicating, building confidence and self-esteem. In some cases, it can be life-changing!   Helpful tips  Once you’ve mastered the skill, touch typing is the fastest way to write. It just takes a little dedication and practice but the most important things to remember are:  Don’t rush – work at your own pace Follow the instructions Always start with your fingers on the ‘home row’ and use the correct fingers Take a break when you’re tired of concentrating or when your eyes, hands and fingers are tired    Safety at the computer Take care of yourself and prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Sit with correct posture and follow the guidance below.    Adult & Junior KAZ Bird – Posture Image ©                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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Which is the best touch typing software?

Learn to type   There are numerous comparison sites such as;,, and They all review typing software. They highlight both the positives and negatives of each product and provide tips on how to help improve your typing technique, how to up your accuracy and how to learn to type faster.     Individuals, schools, businesses and typing comparison sites all look for different criteria when choosing or recommending typing software. Criteria such as: Price – is it free, affordable or expensive?   Teaching method – is it proven to work?   Is it game-based?   Is it suitable for Mac/PC and available online and/or as a download etc.?   Is it inclusive – suitable for mainstream individuals, as well as those with differences like dyslexia? So many questions!    So what should you look for? What should a good touch typing software include?   If you want to be assured of choosing the right typing software, here are a few points to consider. Is the product:   Safe and secure for online use   Developed through science and research   Tried, tested, proven to work   Easy to use     Builds muscle memory    Monitors & records progress and highlights problem keys   Works across all platforms    Truly inclusive, catering for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals   Affordable   Industry recognised     Safe and Secure All software, especially if it is online, should be safe and secure to use. You, your children, your students or your employees’ data should be protected at all time. Ensure the software company you buy from is registered with a data protection organisation, follows their strict rules and regulations and has its ‘Privacy Policy’ available to view on their website   Developed through science and research A product that has been developed through science and research, holds authority and gives confidence when buying     Tried, tested, proven to work A proven ‘teaching method’ that has been trialled, tested and proven to work and teaches you to type quickly and efficiently offers reassurance, especially when research papers are provided   Easy to Use Simple and light-hearted presentation with easy to follow instruction is key to learning. Busy and complicated features can confuse, distract, delay or put off learning   Builds muscle memory  If you’re serious about learning to touch type, you need to invest in a software that includes modules to develop automaticity, as it is only through the repetition of typing real word vocabulary that muscle memory is built. Many software give a taste of finger movements and skill, but they do not offer sufficient exercises to develop automaticity   Monitors and records progress  Programs that monitor and record progress will allow you to evaluate your touch typing technique and progression. Choose one that will highlight problematic keys, allow you to re-fresh in the areas you need to - strengthening your weaknesses   Works across all platforms  Typing software should be available across all platforms, to suit individual preference: Download for Mac and PC, Online and in SCORM format, suitable for LMS      Affordable  Truly inclusive, catering for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals  If you are an individual with special educational needs, or an education or business establishment, choose a software that is truly inclusive, suitable for both mainstream and neurodivergent individuals, as this will cater for everybody and help level the playing field. The program should be multi-sensory and include features such as a preference screen to address visual disturbances    Industry recognised A product that has been recognised, i.e. shortlisted or has won awards, shows its calibre and worth and reassures you when buying    Review  On reviewing a selection of touch typing software, they all had their positives and negatives. Several claimed to be superior products, using various teaching methods but have their methods been tried, tested and proven to work? Is there any scientific research to say they have and if so, is it published for all to see?   One software that has been tried, tested and proven to work, have published their findings on their website and did tick all the boxes was… KAZ Type.   Voted No 1 typing software on:  

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What will university life look like in September?

  From fees to online classes to social lives, the university experience is likely to be very different for this year's batch of students. (The Telegraph)   Freshers' events will be virtual 'Bubbles' of students will live and study with people on their course to reduce the spread of Coronavirus Many universities are expected to hold lectures online for the 2020-21 academic year Most universities still expect students to be resident and said they may expect them to attend smaller classes Some courses will have more virtual content than others  (Sally Peck – Family, Education and Carers Editor – 17/06/2020   Online teaching, learning and using a computer have suddenly become crucial elements for both delivering lectures and submitting assignments. The computer has taken centre stage and it is for this reason that quick and efficient touch typing skills are now more essential than ever for students. The two-finger or ‘hunt and pec’ method will not suffice.    Although a fundamental skill, touch typing offers many benefits to both mainstream and neurodiverse students: Increases focus on content   The important aspect of touch typing is not what the fingers are doing but what is happening in the brain.   When students learn how to touch type, the skill is automatised and transferred to their sub-conscious, leaving their conscious minds free to concentrate on more important tasks, such as planning, composing, processing, proofing reading and editing. It improves the quality, quantity and their overall performance in assignments and exams.        Increases productivity   Once the skill is mastered, quick and efficient touch typing reduces the amount of time spent on a piece of work, automatically increasing productivity   Improves accuracy  Alongside speed, accuracy is also greatly increased. Touch typing trains the fingers to press the correct keys automatically. Students develop a sense of what feels right. They know immediately when they have keyed in the wrong letter       Benefits neurodivergent students   Touch typing offers neurodivergent students a new medium for learning and communicating. It helps level the playing field and can help address many of the challenges they face. Challenges such as processing, slow work rate, poor writing skills and a poor working memory        Prepares students for the workplace   In today’s IT world, computers are found in most, if not all office environments, even if just for maintaining customer records or for email communication. An individual that can touch type will outperform their peers - producing higher quality work quickly, efficiently and will excel in time management, all essential traits required for enhanced career prospects    Correct posture whilst typing With prolonged periods spent at the computer, students need to be aware of correct posture whilst typing, to prevent developing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).         ‘City & Guilds Assured’ typing test and credentials KAZ’s City & Guilds ‘Assured’ typing test consists of a multiple-choice paper and typing test. All successful candidates will receive a digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, C.V.’s and job application forms.       Learn to type with KAZ   KAZ’s inclusive touch typing software is suitable for both mainstream and neurodivergent students      It’s proven Accelerated Learning teaching method teaches the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes     It’s safe and secure for online use - KAZ are members of and ensure student data is protected at all time  

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Touch typing tournament

  Touch typing tournament          It won’t be easy - competition will be fierce - enter if you dare…   There will be just ONE WINNER!     Start Date: September 10th 2020   End Date:   June 30th 2021   (Schools can join in at any time during the year)       Learning to touch type can sometimes be considered a bit of a chore but the launch of KAZ’s very first touch typing tournament earlier this year created a whirl of excitement amongst schools across the world. Not only did it engage and encourage pupils to learn the skill but it also brought out their competitive spirit. Being a specialised course, both mainstream, as well as pupils with dyslexia took part, as touch typing is a skill they often excel in. After fluctuations in leadership, we are delighted to announce that Mew Hansiriphan of Shrewsbury School has been crowned champion, with a score of 65 WPM and 89% accuracy. Congratulations to MEW!    Prizes for 2020-2021  The winning student:    The student with the highest number of words per minute will receive a KAZ Touch Typing Winner’s Certificate and if 14 years or above, a free City & Guilds licence. (In the event of a younger student winning, their City & Guilds licence will be kept on hold until they reach the required age.)      The winning school:  The KAZ Touch Typing Trophy 2020 A year’s free renewal of their KAZ Typing Tutor licence  Will be showcased on our website Will be celebrated on all social media and press            Terms & Conditions All schools entering must already have or take out a KAZ licence  Schools can register and join in any time during the competition To enter students into the competition, teachers simply press the ‘Typing Tournament’ button on their dashboard/admin panel and all students who are already using KAZ will be automatically entered.  Students who do not wish to compete, need not take part Teachers will be able to view all their students’ progress and highest scores at all times on their dashboard - so if they wish to hold their own school competition, they can     Only KAZ administrators will have access to the cumulative student data and the results of the top students will be published on our site, at the end of each month. Naturally, we will display either a pseudonym or just the Christian name of the student but will display the school name. (Please note: teachers will only have access to their own student data.)       Current Champions     “We believe that school should be ‘serious fun’”, says Headmaster, Leo Winkley.  “Learning and enjoyment go hand in hand and it takes place not only in the classroom but also through a vibrant co-curricular programme. KAZ’s Touch-typing course is one of the activities on offer to all pupils at Shrewsbury. It is very popular among pupils and is championed enthusiastically by teacher Karen Mitchell, Head of Learning Support.”  “Touch-typing is a valuable life-skill that not only supports pupils’ academic studies at school but also their future career paths. As your typing skills improve, you save time, you can focus on the text on the monitor rather than on the keypad, and it improves your accuracy. Learning to touch-type properly also has health benefits, as it ensures you sit correctly at your computer, which is good for your spine, increases your productivity and unleashes the potential of your brain. Our pupils very much enjoyed the challenge of taking part in the KAZ Worldwide Touch-Typing Tournament and we were thrilled to be told that the competition had been won by one of our Fifth Formers (Year 10s), Mew Hansiriphan. Mew worked extremely hard at improving his typing speed and accuracy and he is to be warmly congratulated for his achievement.” Congratulations The KAZ team would like to congratulate Shrewsbury School on winning their complimentary annual school licence, as well as the champion’s trophy. We hope they enjoy showing it off.  A particular congratulations to Mew on his fantastic achievement! Very well done! We hope you’re very proud of your winner’s certificate and complimentary ‘City & Guilds’ licence.  We would also like to thank all the schools who took part. A very special mention to ESMS schools in Edinburgh, whose students took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.  Lastly, thank you to all students who competed. For those of you who have now left school, we really hope your typing skills help you through further education and in your future careers. To students still at school, good luck in this year’s tournament!   Remember, the difference between 40 wpm and 100+ wpm is just practice!     With online learning now crucial for both delivering and submitting school work, the advantages of teaching students touch typing skills are now more essential than ever.   Give your students a head start – Prepare them for ‘O’ levels, FE and the workplace - Teach them to type – Make it fun – Enter the tournament!   Good luck and may the best school win!    

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Inclusive software - Why it can make teaching so much easier

  Why it can make teaching so much easier   When talking about professions, teaching would be classed as one of the more noble choices. It is often thought of as more of a vocation or calling. This is probably because teachers are responsible for not only educating pupils but for also guiding, nurturing, moulding, influencing and safe guarding them. When asked the question, ‘Why did you become a teacher?’ Many reply, ‘Because I wanted to make a difference to the lives of my students’.  Today’s classroom includes both mainstream pupils, as well as those with special educational needs. Teachers are expected to cater for all abilities and although they have been trained for this, sometimes it can prove difficult. Introducing inclusive software where possible can make teaching a lot easier, according to Simon Luxford-Moore, eLearning Coordinator at ESMS (Erskine Stewart's Melville Schools) in Edinburgh.  “We had been using the same touch typing training program for years but it’s always been one of my mantras that there is always something better out there and our responsibility is to find what works for our learners. Our old program was very games based, noisy, lively and with a strong element of competition. While it was great fun, I felt that it was not meeting the needs of our children with dyslexia and ASD, as there were just too many things happening on-screen which could be quite distracting. I was drawn to KAZ touch typing software because they include a neurodiverse version within their school licence. I tend to work on the basis that if I can cater for that child with dyslexia or ASD, everybody will benefit. KAZ agreed that we could trial the software, so we started with just one girl in Primary 5. She had wonderful creative ideas but because of her dyslexia she wrote very little and her handwriting was so poor that it was a real barrier to composition. She was delighted to be chosen to trial KAZ. As the program has both visual and audio input and builds up muscle memory, it covers all the bases.     The publicity claims that you’ll notice a difference after just 15 minutes. They are right. After just a few minutes she looked up at me with a big smile on her face. She learned to touch type very quickly, so we started using it more extensively.  We wondered if KAZ might be a product that worked better for girls and boys in our Upper Primary years, so we extended the trial, including a senior boy with dyslexia. They all really liked it and made good progress. 'The pressure was off,' said one child and another commented, 'I like the fact that I can make a mistake without it being highlighted or having to restart a level.’” KAZ was rolled out to children in Primary 4 to 7 (Years 5-8) in August, which equates to over 700 children.   “I always think of the writing process as being like your very first driving lesson. There is so much to remember and think about that new drivers find it hard to do everything at once. Our pupils, especially those with neurodiverse conditions, feel overloaded and under a lot of pressure until they develop a level of automaticity. Thanks to KAZ, we can relieve some of the stress so children can focus on other aspects of the writing process. Touch typing lets children put down information in a digital form accurately and efficiently. Every child benefits and that is what the teachers and the parents want to see, as it is in the best interest of our children.”   Inclusive software caters for all pupils, allowing the whole class to work and learn together and helps make teaching just that little bit easier.    

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What is safe and secure software?

  What is safe and secure software?     There are numerous free programs available for use on the internet. However, when children are learning online, school teachers and parents are responsible for their safety. They need to assure that their children/students and their data is safe and secure and not being spammed, as can often be the case with free software.   “I initially got another typing tutor and was emailed continuously with snippets of information. It continued, in spite of me telling them to stop. I cancelled my subscription and bought KAZ. I’m so pleased I did - it just worked and no spam!” Mary Owen UK     Why give the software away for free?   Generally, free software is a means for gathering or ‘harvesting’ data and/or for generating revenue from advertising. However, the real concern is what is done with this data?   “Where did they get my information, my email, learn my shopping habits, what I like to eat, read…?”   Data collection is a science, with degrees and doctorates in the subject. Google and Facebook are just a couple amongst many who harvest and collect data. They can establish where, when and how we shop, purchase and browse. Allegedly, elections have been won using this science!         Where do they get our information?   From your browsing history and your favourite blogging/posting sites. Remember, by just browsing, your location and search history can be monitored.   With ‘opt-in’ sites, there is an even larger collection of data, as ‘opting-in’ gives the site the go-ahead to gather more information, such as email addresses, job titles, sectors etc.   Additionally, free courses may place a cookie on your computer, to harvest data and by ‘opting in’, you are allowing them to show advertisements or pop-ups. These may or may not be appropriate for you. How can you guarantee the content from a site you have no control over? We are all aware of ‘cookies’, ‘bugs’ and ‘worms’. Essentially, these are all the same but some are malicious, others are not. So, before you download freeware, check the site is secure, guarantees are in place and if they have a: privacy policy data policy       But I have anti-virus software…   There is a very good reason why we all have some form of anti-virus software installed on our computers, protecting us and our data. These subscriptions keep our computers safe by constantly fighting cyberwars and updating bug fixes, infecting both your computer and that of the wider web community. However, they cannot stop us giving our data away freely. Recent GDPR rules and regulations gave us a reprieve for a few months but all seems to have reverted, with inboxes filling with junk /spam.     Safe and Secure…   Remember, you have to safeguard your family, especially your children, keeping their data and online environment safe.   Teachers are responsible for ensuring the health, wellbeing and online safety and security of all colleagues and for protecting their students and their data.   Is it really worth taking a risk with free software? What are the legal implications? Is the company legally registered? Can you contact them and is their information clearly displayed? Always read their Privacy and Data Policies.   KAZ's website and all courses are safe and secure   KAZ are members of They strictly adhere to all their rules and regulations.    They are a UK registered company and guarantee no pop-ups, no advertising and no solicitation by email. Their Privacy and Data Policy is clearly displayed on their website      

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Touch Typing - How can it benefit your employees?

  How touch typing can benefit your employees     Almost every employer, given the choice, would prefer to hire an employee that can type quickly and accurately.     Touch typing (a technique where an individual types with all their fingers and thumbs, without looking at the keyboard), is considered to be an essential skill for workers in many professions, from telemarketing to design. We are now expected to be our own secretaries and maintain our own admin. Typing at speed, at an above-average word per minute will save countless hours of timeat the keyboard, improve efficiency and allow you to multi-task. Additionally, the reduction in work pressure allows for an increased competitive edge amongst colleagues.     <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>     In this modern digital age, typing slowly and/or with just two fingers is unacceptable. With computers now allowed in exams (subject to access arrangements), it is only a matter of time before all learning, university and professional, are computer-based.   Many recruitment agencies now insist on a typing test prior to interview, as corporations realise the benefits of their employees being work-ready and understand how this fundamental but key skill promotes efficiency and productivity.     Devoting just a few hours a day to learn the skill of touch typing can reap huge rewards. Just like learning to drive, where we take lessons and then a proficiency test, we should apply the same principles when learning to type. With KAZ, it takes just 90 minutes to learn the a-z keys, plus practice time. You can practice on exercises within the course, as well as on emails, essays and work presentations.   Benefits of touch typing for employees     Time management   Organisations look for employees that are motivated and able to make effective use of their time during working hours. As a touch typist, productivity is naturally increased and so assignments are delivered in a shorter timeframe. This in itself can remove the intense pressure of ‘extra work’ and by saving working hours, your firm can stay ahead of the competition, irrespective of profession, as ultimately productivity matters. This basic yet crucial tech skill is probably more valuable in terms of return on investment than any other course you are likely to take. Whilst we can all ‘type’, only 30% of the workforce can type effectively, using all fingers and at a speed greater than the average of between 18-35wpm.   Concentration power   Keyboarding also improves concentration levels on all computer-based tasks. When touch typing, skills are learned, cognitive mental development is enhanced and you develop the ability to ‘think type’. Simply put, what you think, ‘appears’ on the screen in front of you. Subconscious touch typing does not extract mental energy, it leaves the mind free to process other thoughts and ideas.   Professional status   Typing ‘efficiently’ significantly enhances your professional image. When you touch type at high speed and with accuracy, you naturally appear more confident and more in control. Remember, a professional image is crucial for your career prospects and excellent typing abilities will stand you apart from your colleagues.   Mental health & well-being   An additional benefit of learning to touch type correctly is the knowledge gained (sitting with good posture and the correct positioning of hands, wrists and fingers at the keyboard). If you suffer from stiffness of the shoulders, neck, hand or wrists, or suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), touch typing will help reduce or eliminate these symptoms and conditions. Observing these simple ergonomics will protect you from these and other complications - an invaluable benefit from learning touch typing   Touch typing - an essential element for the development of other skills   Touch typing is a skill that is widely recognised in the marketplace (business, education and lifestyle sectors). It helps when learning other computer/keyboard-based skills, such as coding and importantly, contributes to your own personal development (CPD/CE). With practice, speed and accuracy develop, allowing you to outperform in all aspects of computer use and communication. To sum up…   Touch typing improves your academic performance and widens the scope for future opportunities in the professional sector. As an employee, you can improve efficiency, productivity, the ability to multi-task and time management, whilst protecting your mental health and well-being.                Image © Ready, steady, type… If this article was helpful, please share it.    

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