Touch typing tournament 2021-2022

As of the end of October, ESMS are already off the mark and their determination to make this tournament theirs is evident!   Come on schools, don’t wait until next year to enter. Follow the lead of ESMS and get your children learning this skill now, so it becomes as easy as their 1,2,3’s!   Administrators: Simply ‘click’ the button in your admin panel to automatically enrol your students into the tournament!!   Once entered, students simply ‘click’ the trophy symbol at the top of their screen for a one-touch login to the tournament.       Last year’s winners, for the second year running, were Shrewsbury School. Well done to Charlie S who stormed to first prize and well done to Karen Mitchell, Head of Learning Support for her continual enthusiasm and encouragement to all her students in learning the skill of touch typing.   “I learnt to touch type at college. It is such a valuable skill and helped me both at university and in my career. I have to type lengthy assessments and reports and being able to touch type has been a great asset.” Karen continued, “It is encouraging to see that many of them can now touch type much faster than me!”  

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LearnED roadshows begin!

Come and join us, learn about our method, its ease of implementation and use at any of the following roadshow events.   Stand 3, Kings Centre Oxford, Osney Mead, Oxford OX2 0ES   Exhibition location: Cotswold Hall - 15/10 AGENDA as follows: Agenda ·                 09.00: Arrival and exhibition? ·                 09.40: Welcome & Introduction – Julia Garvey, Deputy Director General, BESA ·                 09.45: Opening keynote- Sian Cooke, Digital Strategy for Education, DfE ? ·                 10.05: Panel: EdTech Evolution: revisiting digital strategies   ? ·                 11.00: Exhibition and refreshments? ·                 11.45: Introduction to LendED  ·                 11.50: Interactive workshop: Demonstrator Schools and digital strategies – United Learning ? ·                 12.45: Presentation by Bett ? ·                 12.50: Exhibition and refreshments? ·                 14.05: School case studies/ masterclasses – hear from school and digital leaders who have successfully transformed their respective schools with great teaching and technology that does what it says it will, incorporating slides to show how any challenges were navigated.  ? ·                 15.05: Closing speech ·                 15.00: Raffle    Ashford - 12/11 Agenda tba Birmingham -19/11 Agenda tba   CLosed - London QE11 Exhibition Centre - 01/10 AGENDA as follows: KAZ software to be demonstrated by Mr Allen Tsui, Head of Computing and his class from Willowbrook School, London   09.00: Exhibition time 09.40: Welcome & Introduction 09.45: Opening keynote - Department for Education representative 10.05: Panel - EdTech Evolution: revisiting digital strategies 11.00: Exhibition time and educational technology classroom showcase 11.45: Introduction to LendED by Julia Garvey, Operations Director, BESA 11.50: Interactive workgroup facilitation 12.45: Exhibition time and educational technology classroom showcases 14.05: School case studies/ masterclasses – hear from school and digital leaders who have successfully transformed their schools with great teaching and technology that does what it says 15.05: Closing speech 15.00: CPD Certificate collection   Ashford - 12/11 Agenda tba Birmingham -19/11 Agenda tba   For further information or a free education trial, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the KAZ team.   CLOSED - Liverpool - 17/09  AGENDA: 09.00: Exhibition time  09.40: Welcome & Introduction 09.45: Opening keynote - Department for Education representative  10.05: Panel - EdTech Evolution: revisiting digital strategies  11.00: Exhibition time and educational technology classroom showcase  11.45: Introduction to LendED by Julia Garvey, Operations Director, BESA  11.50: Interactive workgroup facilitation  12.45: Exhibition time and educational technology classroom showcases  14.05: School case studies/ masterclasses – hear from school and digital leaders who have successfully transformed their schools with great teaching and technology that does what it says 15.05: Closing speech  15.00: CPD Certificate collection    

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Education magazine July August 2021

Click to read the full article in the Education Today magazine    

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Touch Typing Tournament Update May 2021

... and we're into our LAST month!     It’s free for all schools using KAZ          

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Recognition of skills with digital badging

  Recognition of skills with digital badging   At KAZ we know the benefits of digital badging and in 2019 we were delighted to receive approval for our online touch typing course and become City & Guilds Assured.   Digital badges provide a flexibility that the GCSE and A level exam boards can only dream of. This benefits education, students and companies.   One of our key audiences is home learners and they took a real hammering on the exam front last summer as the government decided that 'not all external candidates were able to be awarded a grade this summer because some will not have been in a position to provide sufficient evidence to enable their exam centre to include them in their centre assessment grades and rankings.'   Some estimates indicated that over 20,000 students were affected and unable to move on to college or university or to certain careers.  Contrast this with digital exams, taken online at the end of a course or module by everyone, whether they are studying at school, college, in a workplace or at home.    Changing landscape   We were interested to see an article in FE News from the Fashion Retail Academy that claimed they had witnessed a 135% rise in students signing up for a fast track career entry.    They feel that after lockdowns and the uncertainty of the last year, some students are unwilling to enter into long term commitments and want short periods of study that will produce quick results and give them a head start when applying for jobs.    Increasingly, we are getting requests from people who are looking to change their job, moving from catering or retail into a job with more of an IT focus or young people who want to provide evidence of efficient keyboarding skills alongside vocational qualifications.   Digital badges recognise skills and experience and offer so many advantages to students, apprentices, career changers and young people looking for their first job.   They recognise individuals' skills and talents  They are a digital showcase for individual skills The secure online system keeps everything in a safe place  The badge can be verified online straightaway  Potential employers or colleges can see how the candidate proved their skills and who endorsed it  The badges can be added to CVs and shared via social media, especially useful now that 92% of recruiters are using social media to identify the right candidate    We have seen how young people are turned off by schoolwork and are reportedly less engaged now that public exams are not going ahead in their usual format this summer.     Most people like to have their achievements recognised. Badges are a simple way for individuals to showcase their achievements, and for prospective employers to verify them.    This is an attractive modern solution to awarding qualifications and is so much more flexible than the current unwieldy exam system that it is hard to see why the government is not encouraging more widespread use.      

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KAZ will be at the UK Education Solutions & Technology event

KAZ will be at the UK Education Solutions & Technology event:   Date: Monday, 18 January 2021 - Tuesday, 26 January 2021   Time: 08:00 - 17:00 Where: Virtual   If you would like to more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website or email:        

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KAZ will be exhibiting at the TES SEN Show VIRTUAL, 14-16th January.

KAZ will be exhibiting at the TES SEN Show VIRTUAL, 14-16th January. Book a meeting via the portal or sign up for a webinar by contacting The new virtual show re-connecting the SEN community   In a time where social distancing is the new normal, reconnect with the special educational needs (SEN) community at a brand-new online event: Tes SEN Show Virtual! At Tes SEN Show Virtual, you will: Gain high-quality CPD from SEN experts   Compare and source discounted resources and services   Enjoy free-to-attend presentations from SEN advocates   Network with colleagues from across the UK (and the world!)   Gain an update on the Government's SEND Review and what recommendations mean for you in practice   Take home tools and strategies at the forefront of SEN provision   Put your questions to policy influencers Register free Book CPD seminars    

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Which? magazine recommends KAZ touch typing software

‘Which? Magazine has been championing the cause for consumers since 1957. They are the UK's best selling monthly magazine, trusted by more than 600,000 subscribers. Today, they have more than 1.3m members and supporters, making them the largest independent consumer body in the UK.    Their magazines give a wealth of expert advice and information on a vast range of everyday products and services. From the latest test results to in-depth surveys and investigations, each month, Which? gives impartial advice and recommendations, the best deals and keeps you on top of consumer news.    Completely independent    The unique thing about Which? is that they are completely independent. They have no owners, shareholders or government departments to answer to and you'll never see an advert in their magazines or on their websites. Their commitment to providing unbiased advice to consumers is at the heart of everything they do. This means they work entirely on behalf of you, the consumer, and nobody else – so you can rest assured that you're getting the very best advice available.’ (Which Magazine - February 2020)        It is for this reason that we are thrilled that Which? has recommended all KAZ typing editions (Corporate, Adult, Junior and Dyslexia).   ‘To get the maximum benefits from a keyboard, you need to be able to touch - type. Learning how to do this is made easier by programs such as KAZ (Keyboard A–Z), which claims to deliver benefits in just 90 minutes. KAZ has Corporate, Adult, Junior and Dyslexia editions…’ (Which Magazine - February 2020)               ‘Touch-typing really does save you time… and you are never too old to learn.’                                                                 (Which? Magazine - February 2020)

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KAZ are exhibiting at the LearnED Roadshow - Monday 2nd November to Friday 6th November

KAZ are exhibiting at the LearnED Roadshow - Monday 2nd November to Friday 6th November.     Learned online is a free CPD event where you can learn from your peers and see best-practice in action.     This Autumn, the LearnED Roadshow has moved online. We’re thrilled that so many teachers have kindly agreed to share with us all their time and insights on the search for – and use and implementation of – educational technology in the classroom and beyond. Our teacher speakers will discuss, through a series of daily panel discussions and masterclasses, three over-arching themes: what school looks like now (Tues 3 Nov); how they are revisiting learning lost during lockdown (Wed 4), and how they are designing their remote education and blended learning strategies (Thurs 5 Nov). We’ll also bring you stand-alone masterclasses presented by teachers for Primary and Secondary audiences, as well as those involved with SEND and inclusive teaching, and we’ll have a masterclass dedicated to safeguarding.   LearnED Online will be delivered free from Monday 2 November through to Sunday 8 November, allowing you to dip into sessions at a time convenient to you. While the platform will feature a mix of live and pre-recorded content, we’ve deliberately not included any live sessions on Monday because we want to give you – and our speakers – a chance to settle back into school after the half term break.   We hope you enjoy LearnED Online and look forward to seeing you in person at a live event next year when we’re able to take LearnED Live back on the road. Have a great half term and come back soon.   Conference Schedule   The event will include:   Panel discussions with live Q&A on themes including: Post-lockdown wellbeing and being back together, closing the gap/catching up and digital strategies and blended learning   Stand-alone masterclass presentations from school leaders/ MATs and Heads of Department offering practical case studies of technology in action   Sessions suitable for primary and secondary schools, plus those focusing on safeguarding and wellbeing, transition and assessment   The chance to see technology in action via online demonstrations from our carefully selected supplier partners

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Look who's getting ready for Dyslexia Awareness month

Look who's getting ready for Dyslexia Awareness month   We at are very excited to be a part of the #GoRedForDyslexia campaign, promoting a greater understanding of Dyslexia during October, Dyslexia Awareness Month. #GoRedForDyslexia #SucceedWithDyslexia #DyslexiaAwareness    

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