Dyslexia Uncovered - Ultimate success in the classroom and beyond! - A FREE webinar sponsored by KAZ


KAZ are proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming FREE webinar on Tuesday 26th March, 7.30-8.30 pm GMT:


'Dyslexia Uncovered - Ultimate success in the classroom & beyond'.


It will be hosted by Paloma and Andrew from The Invisible Gift, a community dedicated to raising awareness and helping answer questions or concerns you may have on neurodiversity. 


Are you curious about dyslexia and how it impacts learning? 

This webinar is designed to provide an introduction to dyslexia, shedding light on its challenges and offering valuable insights for educators, parents, and individuals alike.



For FREE signup to the webinar:


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This webinar is crafted to equip educators and parents with a wealth of strategies, tips, and tricks to effectively support your students or child both at home and in school.


In this captivating session, our expert speakers, Paloma Forde (a highly experienced SEN Educator and speaker) and Andrew Kitley (Founder of The Invisible Gift, a successful multi-business owner battling severe dyslexia and ADHD), will immerse you in the world of dyslexia. Explore its defining characteristics, debunk common misconceptions, and understand its impact on academic performance. Gain a deeper insight into dyslexia and uncover practical strategies to assist learners with dyslexia on their educational journey.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

- Unpacking the definition and essential characteristics of dyslexia

- Exploring effective teaching methods and adaptations for dyslexic learners

- Providing teachers, caregivers, teaching assistants, and parents with practical tips to enhance learning

- Sharing success stories and inspiring examples of individuals flourishing with dyslexia

Seize this opportunity to expand your knowledge and positively impact the lives of individuals with dyslexia. Register now for our FREE webinar and unlock a treasure trove of insights, tips, tricks, and strategies to support learning for all.

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