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What are the minimum requirements I need to run the KAZ download?

To run KAZ, you will need at least 1GB of free disk space on your computer. You may also need a sound card and speakers or headphones. Versions with and without sound are included.

I don't have a sound card on my PC - what do I do?

While using KAZ, you will be offered 3 choices: 'KAZ With Sound’, 'KAZ Text Version’ or ‘KAZ Audio Description’. Simply choose the option that suits your needs.

Will KAZ run on my 32 bit computer?

Yes - KAZ has been configured to run on both 32 and 64 bit computers.

I haven’t received my email with my log on / activation codes.

Once a product is purchased, a notification pop up is immediately displayed on your screen, confirming your activation / login details or ‘activation’ codes. Please make a note of these or keep a screenshot.

Additionally, an automated email is sent. If for any reason you do not receive it within a few minutes of purchasing, please check your spam / junk folder, as they are sometimes filtered there. Some email providers have aggressive email filtering in place and may prevent your email being delivered. In this instance, please contact us via the form on this page and we will get back to you.

I'm having problems logging onto the online server.

KAZ online access just requires your email address and password. To access the login page, either click the link in the email or click the ‘Course Login’ button at the top of our website. Your login details must be entered exactly as provided. The password is case sensitive. If in doubt, ‘copy and paste’ in to the required fields.

I'm having problems activating my download software.

KAZ downloads require your email address, License Key and License ID numbers. The information must be entered exactly as provided. If in doubt, ‘copy and paste’ in to the required fields.

The URL which you sent to me does not work when clicked. How can I access the required pages?

Some web-browsers and email providers disable the provided hyperlinks within emails. To access the pages on our website, copy and paste the URL into a web browser and you will be taken to the correct page.

KAZ download is not loading after installation. I’m getting a spinning circle when trying to load?

Please be patient - it will load. KAZ is a large file (up to 1GB) but once installed and activated, subsequent use will be quick.

During the ‘Activation’ process I keep getting a message saying 'Please try later’ - what should I do?

Double click the desktop icon and try again. If it persists, this indicates that the machine is not connected to the internet. The computer must be connected to the internet to get to the activation screen. This is the only way we can register your machine to our system, ensuring you get free updates.

Which browser do you recommend for using KAZ?

For the best user experience we suggest Chrome (PC and Mac) or Safari. However all other browsers will work but some including Firefox will need the VLC plugin enabled.

When I launch the course, I am having sizing issues. The course is displaying in one corner of the screen / is tiled across the screen.

The majority of computers are set to a resolution of 1366 x 768, with viewing at 100%. Our course is configured to display perfectly at this resolution. However, the course will also display correctly on your devices max screen resolution but at 100%. Please check your resolution by going to: Settings / System / Display - Scale and Layout.

Why does KAZ not work on all browsers?

With some browsers there is a Javascript incompatibility.

Can I re-size the course display / image area?

Yes, you can scale the window larger or smaller by simply dragging on a corner of the KAZ window.

How can I use KAZ on my tablet?

We suggest the use of a docking station or a plug in keyboard to maximise the benefit of KAZ.

How can I upgrade my computer with the latest KAZ download files?

Go to the download tab on our website and simply re-download the latest file to the machine it was originally installed on. Our system will recognise the hard drive and automatically activate the upgrade, allowing you to run the very latest version of KAZ, at no extra charge. Download licenses are valid for 10 years from date of purchase. Support is given free for one year. Support out of this time may incur a small administration fee.

If you are using KAZ Online then you will always be using the latest version.

My online access is due to expire - does KAZ automatically renew?

No, we do not automatically renew but our system sends a reminder 15 days before your license is due to expire. If you wish to renew, click on the ‘Renew’ link in your admin panel. You will automatically be directed to the payment gateway in our shop, where you can renew your license. You will not lose your history. Please note, due to data protection rules, all courses which are not renewed will be deleted from our systems shortly after expiration. We do not store or hold any of your payment card data. Once an account is deleted all user data is deleted from our systems.

My computer crashed / I have changed my computer recently and I have lost my downloaded software - what should I do?

If you purchased KAZ within the last 12 months - please send us an email with your name, address, date of purchase, activation email/code and we will reset your download.

If you purchased KAZ over 12 months ago - your support will have expired. However, if you send us your name, date and address at time of purchase, activation email / code, we will endeavour to get you going but we may have to charge a small fee* for this service.

*Year 2-5 since purchase 25% of current list price. Year 6 – 10 50% of current list price.

I have a KAZ CD-ROM/download V16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 20.5 and 21 but it won't work?

The KAZ CD-ROM was based on flash technology and is no longer supported. Please contact support for advice.

Why does the micro pause come on when I haven’t been typing?

The clock is on a ‘rolling’ 3-5 minute counter. If you haven’t been typing, you may have been using the mouse. However, if you do not use your computer or the mouse, KAZ Guardian Angel will recognise this and not initiate breaks.

Why is there a ‘No Audio’ button?

So the program can be used in quiet working environments.

Will the program work on my latest windows PC or my new MAC OS X?

Yes and previous versions.

My card gets declined when I try to purchase?

This is more than likely due to needing authorisation from your card issuer to allow overseas payments. Please either speak with your card issuer or if you can make payments via PayPal or Amex, please select either option at checkout.

Before submitting a support request, please read through the above FAQs. If you can't find your question, please complete the form below. We aim to respond within a few hours, but please bear with us, as emails sometimes go to spam.

Please describe your problem including as much information as possible.

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