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Our couse was trialled and tested by 18,000 student's per year for 3 years in private training centres accross the UK and the majority learned to type the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes.

"Amazing you really can learn to touch your in 90 minuites would recommended to anyone needing to brush up on there typing skills."

Published on 8 Jan, 2015 by Dany

"Five stars perfect"

Published on 10 Oct, 2014 by Sharon

"I put my 6 year old son through this course over the xmas break and I can’t believe he did it - he learned to type the A-Z keys in around 90 mins!"

Ken - Course Provider - UK

"There are several products out there but I only recommend KAZ"


“We have been KAZ users for 12 years. KAZ Online far exceed our wildest expectations. Our's students and parents love it.”

Lauren Pacini, Ruffing Montessori - USA

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Proven time and again to increase learning effectiveness whilst saving time.

A 'total system' for speeding up and enhancing both the design and learning process.

Uses 'brain balance' - engaging the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall.

Accelerated Learning

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