Why choose KAZ?

We will teach you to type the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes* (However, we encourage children to work at their own pace).

Our accelerated learning teaching method, using muscle memory and brain balance, has been tried, tested and proven.

Our software is fully mobile friendly. Access to our courses work across all platforms; Mobiles, Tablets, ipads, Laptops, Mac’s and PC’s (Online or desktop).

No gimmicks or costly monthly payments. Just an affordable and fair price for a ‘skill for life’. We do not hide our pricing. We believe in transparency.

We are continually looking to innovate - we have recently launched our SEN/ Dyslexia version - at no extra charge to any of our users. We have other innovative products on their way.

Gaming, however exciting or entertaining, splits concentration and simply delays or extends learning time. This is why KAZ is now the first choice for many and why schools and businesses prefer to use KAZ. Do it right the first time. After all, we only need your attention for 90 minutes!

Security is very important to us and we know that it is for you too. Not only is our website fully secure (see our SSL certificate and padlock in the browser bar) but we have made all our courses secure too! - so, you never have to worry about you, your children, your student’s or your staff’s information or data whilst using any of our Online courses.

We were the first to use real words in our teaching method, the first to offer our products on such a wide range of platforms, the first on RMUnify, the first … KAZ - leading through innovation. Our method is trademarked, and can’t be copied.

We welcome, listen and take into account all feedback, which is why due to numerous requests, we produced our SEN/Dyslexia edition and completely upgraded our standard version to HTML5 .

Page 1 of google search website rankings without advertising. Marketing and advertising gimmicks can mislead but testimonials just don’t lie.

We don’t hide behind a website. Our address and contact details are always displayed. A real company, producing quality products that work for everyone.

* Our tests and surveys have shown that the majority of users complete the A-Z keys section in 90 minutes. However, this is not guaranteed and some individuals may take longer. KAZ is structured so that the individual can work at their own pace. Allow an average of 4 hours plus practise time to complete the entire course covering the rest of the keyboard.

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