Why choose KAZ?

Because you pay for KAZ, you are guaranteed NO pop-ups, NO advertising, NO distracting features and NO solicitation by email. Our URL is secure for our website and for ALL our courses. We conform to strict data protection and privacy laws and WE DO NOT sell, solicit or use any client lists. We are members of We have built and trade on our reputation and we will not compromise - This is why we are used by the UK government’s Learndirect, schools and higher education establishments, corporations large and small - worldwide (see a small selection that have benefited from KAZ in our ‘About Us’ section).

Approved and used by the Open University - White paper on our website.

The only award winning multi-sensory touch typing course which is City & Guilds Assured.

Approved and still the only typing tutor of choice used and offered by the UK Government’s Learndirect.

Approved and used by USA Government entities.

Approved and used by the DSA for over 20 years.

Approved and found on Opensesame,, Hotcourses and many others.

Approved for sale by - the worlds first premium Quality and Halalan Toyibban Focused e-Marketplace.

Pre-launch testing of our course on 18,000 students per year for 3 years proved that over 90% of students learned to type in 90 minutes or less ( This figure was actually 93%).

Developed by the same team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses.

Our new SEN/Dyslexia edition and our unique © Preference Screen which was developed with help and guidance from Dr. Sue Fowler and her team at the Dyslexia Research Trust, Reading Clinic and Oxford University is the first and currently only typing product which tailor makes the course to suit each individual user.

The first typing tutor to be shortlisted as a Bett Award Finalist.

We were invited by BESA to showcase our new inclusive course 'Live' at BettAsia, Malaysia, November 2017. KL based Taylor's International School demonstrated our product in the 'Live Classroom' (See the case study / testimonial on our website).

The only typing tutor available across such a wide range of platforms - Online, Download, Scorm for LMS, RMUnify and now Classlink (all with full resources and back office admin panels).

Used by many of the top private and state schools in the UK, US and Australia.

Used by many Montessori schools.

Affinity partner of the British Dyslexia Association.

Approved and used by the Malaysian Dyslexia Association.

Approved by the Ministry of Education for Private schools in Malaysia.

Approved for sale by Inclusive Technology, Wyvern Business Systems,, Barry Bennett, and many many more.

Recommended by mainstream educators, Senco’s, Educational Assessors, Learning Specialists and Therapists worldwide.

Voted best paid typing software for 2018 by Techwiser and Course Lounge. Voted ****** (6 stars) by Typing Lounge and recommended by;, bizzie baby, The Old School House Magazine and many more.

We don't stand still. We are continually creating, updating and developing new products that work in today's environment and cater for today's needs.

Your success is Our success.

KAZ - making a difference.

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