The importance of filter colours and typefaces for individuals with visual disturbances.


Using coloured filters and typefaces for individuals with visual disturbances can be transformative. It can change a ‘can’t’ to a ‘can’ and low self-esteem to a positive mindset.


We at KAZ have been very fortunate to have worked exclusively with pioneers in the field. Pioneers such as the British Dyslexia Research Trust, incorporating their filters and taking their advice in producing the SEN/Dyslexia edition of our software, and now, more recently, Crossbow Education. 

Crossbow was founded in 1992 by SEN teacher and expert Bob Hext. They develop highly sought-after resources to help students with Dyslexia, as well as sell a wide selection of resources, including those from other publishers, representing what is regarded as the best multi-sensory resources suitable for dyslexia teaching support. With offices in the UK and the USA, they have become the UK brand leader for visual stress products. Their reading rulers and overlays are used in over 60% of the schools and colleges in the country.


Recently Launched



After several years of extensive research, they are proud to have recently launched their new dyslexia-friendly font, Aravis. In its development, they were adamant the font should be attractive, helpful, easy on the eye and able to draw the reader in with minimal brain bandwidth, enabling more focus on content.



We are very excited to have licenced this innovative font for inclusion into our ©preference screen in all our courses for 2023.









Crossbow is a Multi award winner and a member of BESA.


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