The use of AI in learning and what does it mean for typing skills?


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The use of AI in learning and what does it mean for typing skills?


The emergency of AI learning can be viewed as either a positive or a negative. However, the power of platforms such as LUCA, a reading fluency and proficiency platform are undoubtedly the way ahead when integrated sensibly into a learning environment.



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As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, KAZ Typing Tutor is a software designed to teach touch typing skills. It's known for its unique and accelerated learning method, focusing on teaching the skill of touch typing without looking at the keyboard. Users follow lessons and exercises that gradually build up their typing speed and accuracy.

Key features of KAZ Typing Tutor often include:

Accelerated Learning: KAZ employs a method that claims to accelerate the learning process, allowing users to become touch typists more quickly.

Interactive Lessons: The program typically includes interactive lessons and exercises to practice typing skills.

Adaptive Learning: Some versions of KAZ may adapt to the user's progress, adjusting the difficulty of lessons based on individual performance.

Visual and Audio Aids: The software may use visual and audio aids to reinforce learning and correct typing techniques.

Progress Tracking: Many typing tutors, including KAZ, often provide tools for users to track their progress over time.


Before making a purchase or commitment to any typing tutor, it's a good idea to check for recent reviews, testimonials, or updates about the specific version of KAZ Typing Tutor you are considering. Additionally, make sure the software is compatible with your operating system and meets your personal preferences for learning.

Please note that there may have been updates or changes to KAZ Typing Tutor after my last training cut-off in January 2022, so it's a good idea to check for the latest information.


While AI and advancements in technology continue to change the landscape of various skills, it's unlikely that typing skills will become obsolete. Instead, the nature of typing skills may evolve, and the focus might shift towards proficiency in newer technologies and interfaces.

Here are a few reasons why typing skills are likely to remain relevant:

Versatility Across Devices:

Typing skills are applicable not only to traditional keyboards but also to touchscreens, virtual keyboards, and other input methods. As technology evolves, being able to input text efficiently remains a valuable skill.

Professional and Academic Requirements:

Many professions and academic fields still require proficient typing skills. Whether it's drafting documents, coding, or engaging in online communication, the ability to type quickly and accurately is often a practical necessity.

Coding and Programming:

For those involved in coding and programming, typing remains a fundamental skill. Writing code efficiently and accurately is crucial in these fields.

Multimodal Interfaces:

While voice recognition and other forms of input are advancing, typing is likely to be a component of multimodal interfaces where users switch between different input methods based on the context.

Text-Based Communication:

Written communication, especially in professional settings, often relies on typed text. Being able to express oneself clearly through written communication remains a valuable skill.

Security and Confidentiality:

Typing skills contribute to the secure input of passwords and other sensitive information. This aspect of typing is likely to remain relevant as cybersecurity continues to be a concern.


While AI can assist in the learning and improvement of typing skills, the fundamental ability to type efficiently is expected to persist. Moreover, as technology evolves, individuals may find themselves using a combination of input methods, including typing, voice commands, and gestures, depending on the context and the devices they interact with. Therefore, while the landscape of skills may shift, the importance of typing skills is likely to endure in the foreseeable future.




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