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KAZ - The Professional ACCELERATED LEARNING Typing Tutor for Schools

In today's world of computers and technology and with an ever increasing percentage of coursework and assignments having to be presented in typed form, the need to equip students with the 'life skill' of touch typing in order to prepare them for further education and the working environment has never been more essential.

But can the time spent teaching typing be justified? YES - because unless we teach children how to type, they will be at a disadvantage throughout their school years and beyond into the workplace. We teach students handwriting so they can write - we need to teach them keyboard skills so that they can type.


ACCELERATED LEARNING is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It is a 'total system' for speeding up and enhancing the learning process. Based on the latest brain research, it has been proven time and again to increase learning effectiveness.

KAZ is a professional ACCELERATED LEARNING typing tutor, especially designed for schools and further education. It was scientifically developed by the same course team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer skills courses. The revolutionary method has dramatically reduced the time and eliminated the boredom associated with learning to type. It offers students from 6 years upwards an enjoyable method of learning easily, efficiently and effortlessly - whilst teaching them to type quickly, accurately and with rhythm and good posture.

The Method

Unlike other typing tutors based on repetitive exercises and distracting and time consuming games, KAZ's unique, patented and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING method uses 'brain balance' - i.e. it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective. Using just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, the revolutionary method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously, whilst teaching students the position of the A-Z keys. No other typing tutor works in this way.

The program solely focuses on teaching typing. It does not try to teach typing along with other subjects such as English, as this just splits concentration and interferes with core learning. Learning to type correctly requires full concentration but needs to be presented with a lighthearted approach, so that learning is enjoyable. KAZ successfully manages to combine the two by cleverly entwining its focused teaching technique with amusing animation.

Typically, the programme takes just 90 minutes to teach the A-Z keys and approximately 4 hours to cover the whole keyboard. All of which can be taught in short modules to fit in and around busy curriculum timetables - making KAZ the ideal choice for any school, especially where time is limited and fast results are needed.

The program has a simple, fresh and uncluttered presentation style, an easy to read typeface, high foreground and background colour contrast and provision of speaking key's option covering the A-Z keys.

The Course Consists of 5 Modules:-

1. Flying Start - (An introduction to the course ) simple and consistent site navigation)

2. The Basics - (5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases teaching the A-Z keys)

3. Just Do It - (A-Z keys reinforced)

4. And The Rest - (Punctuation Keys)

5. Speedbuilder - (Simple, yet discretely challenging module , increasing speed and accuracy)

Once the first phrase is completed, a real sense of achievement is gained, motivating the student to continue onto the next phrase and so on. Each section offers encouragement and instruction in short lessons in order to hold interest and concentration. The student is allowed to progress at their own pace, acquiring the skill and gaining speed and accuracy without even realising it.

Touch typing removes a barrier to creative writing, as the need to keep alternating between screen and keyboard is eliminated and the students effectively 'think type' words straight onto the screen without being aware of what their fingers are doing. They are in the 'flow' of full creative writing at speed.

Special Needs Enabled

With its high quality interactive multimedia training 'with both text and audio instruction and a multi-sensory approach throughout' KAZ is also special needs enabled and is widely used by dyslexic students. It is designed to not only challenge the brightest students but also offers extra help to those who need it.

Teacher's Administration Pack

With motivational materials and a comprehensive Teacher's Administrator Pack (enabling monitoring of student progress, i.e. speed, accuracy and lessons completed), the ability to import the school database and group users in minutes, sample lesson plans and Teacher's Guide - it's never been easier for teachers to administer, monitor and teach students how to type.

Software Platforms

Our software is available Online via our cloud based server, as a download for installation, for intranet use, in SCORM 1.2 compliant form for use in LMS/VLE systems, in Single Sign On (SAML) mode for cloud based LMS and RM Unify. NO other typing tutor is deliverable across such a wide range of IT platforms.

With in-excess of one million users, KAZ was selected by the prestigious Open University and widely used by thousands of primary and secondary schools and in further education worldwide.

Don't take our word for it, try it yourself for free and with NO obligation.We can set you up with an Online trial in minutes.

Give your students a head start and teach them to type.

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  • The following feedback is from teachers in schools who have purchased or used KAZ and who have written to us. Their comments are unsolicited and we have their written permission to quote them'.

  • "I am seeing some excellent accuracy and speed results. KAZ is user friendly and it is really good that I don't have to keep monitoring students escaping to play the keyboard games that most other typing programmes have attached to them."

    Harriette Tana, Te Kauwhata College, New Zealand
  • "The students do enjoy using KAZ some even use their lunchtime break to come in and practice!! and the fact that it can be accessed at home too is a big plus. As you know, we've just re-licensed for another year, which pretty much speaks for itself. The Staff Training session went very well. We did it over 2 days with a 2-week interval between the days. We also presented a small prize and trophy to the best achiever to make it more fun and encourage a bit of competition!"

    Margaret Warren, IT Support, Kingswood School
  • "The combination of my expertise and ability to monitor progress during the sessions and your excellent software, proved a winner. KAZ was easy to operate and staff can now use it to build their skills in the future."

    Gill Grant, Bournemouth and Poole College
  • "I have used KAZ in an after school typing club for junior children. It was very successful, one Y5 girl used KAZ at home and at school for several weeks and now has a typing speed of 56wpm! Very impressive!"

    Emily Finan, Louth St Michael's School
  • "KAZ is one of the most appealing and user friendly software keyboarding packages that I have used."

    SchoolZone Evaluation
  • "Other typing tutors are cumbersome compared with KAZ. If you want to learn to touch type without hours of tedious training that could put you off for life then this has to be the program for you."

    Educate Online Worldwide
  • "The children are eager to come to the classes and they are all finding the software easy to use."

    Sandra Ground, Verwood First School
  • "It is a very good touch typing program that I have recommended to many people, even purchasing on behalf of parents. Children and adults are able to very quickly learn the keys and have success typing. KAZ is a great program!"

    George Higgins, Highfield Priory School
  • "Thank you for providing a very simple-to-use, child friendly course. It has been a great help to the pupils I have taught so far and I will now roll the programme out to the entire school."

    Sarah Troughton
  • "User found the software easy to use, reliable and effective. A large majority of students would recommend the software to family, friends and other students, and thought the software should be provided for students in future years."

    Extract from The Open University's Student Research Report on KAZ
  • "Ufi have delivered KAZ through the learndirect network since 2001. In this time the product has been popular, and very well received by learners. KAZ is a good introduction to touch typing and has been delivered by learndirect both as a standalone product, and as a superb accompaniment to Word Processing CBT."

    John Bright, University for Industry
  • "KAZ's clever phrase-based approach really does work."

    Computer Active Magazine
  • "I certainly enjoyed the experience. Lessons and atmosphere were low-key, clear and thorough and the threading and building on what you have learned is awesome. I think it's ingenious how you blend instruction for adults and kids into one package."

    Herb Kiltzner
  • "If you can't already touch-type, start learning with KAZ."

    Jack Schofield, Guardian Newspaper
  • "As good as it claims to be. It is everything it claims to be, it is easy to understand, colourful. I found it very easy not to look at the keys whilst I was typing."

    Mary Day, Suffolk, REVIEW
  • "I bought a version of this about 5 years ago and successfully learned to touch type. I am going to buy the latest version now as my kids need to learn. Highly recommended for its simplicity."

    Sion Williams
  • "It just works, which is great and how all software should be, uncomplicated simple to install and use, great..."

    Ricardo Suarez, IT Services, Microsoft Certified Professional - Hull College
  • "We have been KAZ users for 5 years. KAZ Online far exceeds our wildest expectations. Our students and parents love it."

    Lauren Pacini, Ruffing Montessori School, USA
  • "Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate the time and interest that you have shown. It says a great deal about your company that you take the time to be so helpful. This is not true of many organisations so you are to be congratulated."

    Trevor Marsden, New Zealand
  • "Thank you so much for your reply. I followed your instructions and everything is fine. Once again thank you for your support and efficiency. I certainly will be recommending this software to colleages."

    Geoff Goldberg
  • "I'm continually receiving thanks from Open University students who had felt 'stuck in the molasses' when working at their computers, and now can concentrate on their work rather than the keyboard."

    Professor Marc Eisenstadt, Chief Scientist, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University

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