Bett Awards finalist 2019


KAZ’s Neurodiverse Edition - Bett Awards finalist 2019



KAZ’s Neurodiverse Edition, suitable for individuals with one or a combination of the following neurological differences: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s, amongst others, has been shortlisted as a Bett Awards finalist 2019 for the Special Educational Needs Solutions.


The aim of the award is to reward products that make a distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs:


The skill of touch typing can be a formidable and even a life changing tool for neurodiverse students, as it offers a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating.


KAZ’S Neurodiverse edition includes: 


  • A unique preference screen developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust - minimising disturbances related to visual stress, tailor making the course to each individual for maximum visibility comfort.


  • A proven ‘accelerated learning’ teaching method, incorporating both 'muscle memory' and 'brain balance'.


  • A multi-sensory approach, engaging the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall. 


  • ‘City & Guilds Assured’ status – rewarding all successful candidates a digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, CVs and job application forms. 


  • Equips students with a portable ‘life skill’ they can use through education, work and life.


The program address:


Visual Disturbances  

• Anxiety, poor social interaction, poor verbal / written communication 

• Cognitive limitations 

• Poor working memory  

• Difficulties with spelling 

• Poor and messy handwriting, causing frustration, embarrassment and low self-esteem 

• Slow work rate due to poor penmanship 

• Poor co-ordination, motor skills and physical dexterity, making writing tiresome and even painful 

• Poor attention skills 



KAZ Type hopes that in today’s computer / IT led world, their new edition will equip and prepare neurodiverse individuals with an invaluable and essential ‘life skill’, endorsed by a world renowned training body, putting them on a more even standing with their neurotypical piers.


They hope this simple but fundamental skill will help not just a few but millions of neurodiverse individuals around the world.


(Employers can verify candidate’s City & Guilds Assured achievement via our website.)


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