City & Guilds Assured touch typing program

City & Guilds Centre Number: 794943

Two options available - 'Program & Assessment' or 'Assessment only'
A City & Guilds Assured programme offers external validation from a trusted global brand, providing a mark of learning quality and credibility
An ‘Assured’ status is only awarded to programmes that meet City & Guilds strict benchmark standards, demonstrating commitment to quality training
The KAZ touch typing program has achieved the above and is now City & Guilds Assured
On successfully completing the course, candidates will receive a digital certificate and a co-branded digital credential/badge to showcase their quality skill externally via the web. e.g. social media

Showcase your new City & Guilds Assured digital credential on professional profiles, social media, emails, CVs and job applications. Employers can verify credentials via the verification link on our website.

The KAZ Touch Typing Program - City & Guilds Assured has been designed for ages 15 plus and is suitable for both mainstream and neurodivergent learners. The program consists of our award winning Accelerated Learning course, plus a City & Guilds assessment module, comprising a multiple choice paper and typing test.

Program Duration

The KAZ City & Guilds Assured online program is licensed for one year and is ‘on-demand’ (i.e. the learner can access the course online at any time and progress through the course at their own pace).

Typically, the program takes just 90 minutes to teach the A-Z keys and approximately 4 hours to cover the whole keyboard - all of which can be divided and learned in short modules.

After completing the first four modules, learners should undertake daily practise on the fifth module - KAZ SpeedBuilder, in order to develop speed and accuracy and aim to consistently attain 35 words/minute and 80% accuracy (‘City & Guilds’ pass mark). How long this will take will vary depending on how much time individual learners dedicate to daily practise. Where possible, we recommend an hour’s practise over the course of the day, over a period of a few weeks, unless the learner is already proficient.

Unique ‘Preference Screen’ - especially effective for students with visual disturbances

Incorporating a multi-sensory approach throughout, the edition teaches typing skills whilst minimising visual disturbances by means of a unique 'preference screen', offering a choice of preferences.

Preferences include:
  • Choice of coloured background/filter screens for reducing white screen glare, including a ‘customise’ feature, catering for individuals with Meares-Irlen Syndrome
  • Choice of two specific DRT research based background/filter colours - to stabilise letter movement and reduce blurring
  • Choice of dyslexic friendly typefaces (including 2 licensed dyslexic fonts) – for ease of reading
  • Choice of font colour – for contrast from background screen colour
  • Choice of font size – for optimum visibility comfort and to minimise fusing and crowding of letters
  • Choice of online keyboard – for optimum visibility comfort

Once the learner has selected their preferences and can read the sample text comfortably, their options are 'Saved' and applied throughout the course, tailor making it to each individual for maximum visibility comfort.

The program also provides an ‘Audio Descriptive’ version including ‘speaking keys’ and spoken instruction for visually impaired learners and a ‘Text Only’ version with written/visual instruction for the hearing impaired.

Program Structure and Delivery Method

The KAZ program uses a multi-sensory approach which engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective.

Using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, the proven method trains the fingers of both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously - a direct result of both hemispheres of the brain working at the same time (brain balance). No other typing tutor works in this way.

The program consists of 6 modules:
  • 1.Flying Start – Introduces the course, the navigational tool, teaches correct posture whilst sitting at a computer and the meaning, causes, signs, symptoms and preventative measures of Repetitive Strain Injury.
  • 2.The Basics – Teaches the A-Z keys using 5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases.
  • 3.Just Do It – Reinforces the A-Z keys and builds muscle memory with additional exercises, using only real word vocabulary.
  • 4.And The Rest - Teaches the punctuation keys.
  • 5. SpeedBuilder – Offers daily practise - increasing speed and accuracy.
  • 6. City & Guilds Assessment – Consists of a Multiple Choice Paper and a typing test.
Program Assessment

The assessment’s objective is to evaluate the learner’s knowledge on what they have been taught throughout the program and consists of:

Multiple Choice Paper - consisting of 15 questions, evenly covering three different areas - 'Correct Posture’ - when sitting at a computer, 'Repetitive Strain Injury’ - meaning, causes, signs, symptoms and preventative measures and 'Touch Typing Technique.’

Typing Test - (Recording speed and accuracy).

A City & Guilds pass will be attained when the candidate achieves the following scores:

Words/minute – 35

Accuracy – 80%

Multiple Choice score – 80% (12/15)

When the candidate feels they are ready to sit the assessment, they should click the 6th module on the ‘Main Menu’ of the program – (City & Guilds Assessment).

Should the candidate be unsuccessful in attaining their ‘City & Guilds’ on their first attempt, they may try again by pressing the ‘RE-SIT’ button. Although candidates may re-sit immediately, we recommend they wait 24 hours and re-visit ‘Flying Start’ and / or KAZ ‘SpeedBuilder’.

On successfully passing the course, candidates will automatically receive a congratulatory message. Once verification has been completed, they will be emailed a co-branded digital certificate and a digital credential badge to showcase their quality skill externally via the web – i.e. social media profiles, CVs and job application forms. This badge may take up to 28 days to be emailed, as it is dependent on the City & Guilds processing department.

In order to verify candidate id , candidates must sign an online declaration, confirming their identity and must sit the assessment on a computer with webcam facilities. All webcam footage will be deleted from the KAZ servers within a two week period, once verification has taken place.

City & Guilds FAQ

What is the difference between the 'Program & Assessment' and the 'Assessment only'

The 'Program & Assessment’ edition includes teaching of the keyboard with assessment. The 'Assessment only' edition is only the typing test. It is designed for individual who can already type but wish to validate their skill.

How many attempts do I get?

There is no limit.

What will I receive if I pass?

Once candidate I.D. and webcam footage is verified, all successful candidates will receive a co branded City & Guilds and KAZ certificate within 24 hours. The City & Guilds processing department will then process your digital badge, which will be delivered to your registered email for electronic collection within 28 days.

How long will my webcam footage be held on your servers?

All webcam footage will be deleted within 14 days of successful completion of the assessment.

Why do you need to verify my data?

To preserve the integrity of the examination process, City & Guilds require verification of candidate identity whilst taking the assessment . The only way we can do this off-site is via webcam footage and photo I.D.

Where is my data held?

All data is held on our secure servers in the UK. See our data protection policy. We are members of and follow their published guidelines.

What is an invigilated assessment?

Designed for multiple candidate testing in schools and businesses environments.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Individual licences need to be webcam recorded - 15 years. Invigilated licences for education and business organisations - 14 years.

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