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Keys to Success - with KAZ

The article written in the Sunday Express supplement magazine boasts about the benefits of equipping children with the 'life skill' of touch typing from an early age, and encourages schools to add touch typing to their curriculum.

The prestigious Open University chooses KAZ

The Student Research Centre of the Open University carried out an evaluation on the benefits of using KAZ Typing Tutor on a group of their students - positive feedback resulted with KAZ being deployed to over 80,000 students per annum.

Gove's Curriculum Reform

Josephine Fairley from the Telegraph highlights the advantages of Touch Typing and the need for it to be made compulsory in schools. Original Article: Gove's curriculum reform: Who cares about the capital of Peru if children can't touch type? Businesses don't care if school leavers can recite the past kings and queens of England, or the [-]

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