What will university life look like in September?



From fees to online classes to social lives, the university experience is likely to be very different for this year's batch of students. (The Telegraph)


Freshers' events will be virtual

'Bubbles' of students will live and study with people on their course to reduce the spread of Coronavirus

Many universities are expected to hold lectures online for the 2020-21 academic year

Most universities still expect students to be resident and said they may expect them to attend smaller classes

Some courses will have more virtual content than others 

(Sally Peck – Family, Education and Carers Editor – 17/06/2020

Online teaching, learning and using a computer have suddenly become crucial elements for both delivering lectures and submitting assignments. The computer has taken centre stage and it is for this reason that quick and efficient touch typing skills are now more essential than ever for students. The two-finger or ‘hunt and pec’ method will not suffice. 


Although a fundamental skill, touch typing offers many benefits to both mainstream and neurodiverse students:

Increases focus on content


The important aspect of touch typing is not what the fingers are doing but what is happening in the brain.


When students learn how to touch type, the skill is automatised and transferred to their sub-conscious, leaving their conscious minds free to concentrate on more important tasks, such as planning, composing, processing, proofing reading and editing. It improves the quality, quantity and their overall performance in assignments and exams. 




Increases productivity


Once the skill is mastered, quick and efficient touch typing reduces the amount of time spent on a piece of work, automatically increasing productivity


Improves accuracy 

Alongside speed, accuracy is also greatly increased. Touch typing trains the fingers to press the correct keys automatically. Students develop a sense of what feels right. They know immediately when they have keyed in the wrong letter




Benefits neurodivergent students


Touch typing offers neurodivergent students a new medium for learning and communicating. It helps level the playing field and can help address many of the challenges they face. Challenges such as processing, slow work rate, poor writing skills and a poor working memory 




Prepares students for the workplace


In today’s IT world, computers are found in most, if not all office environments, even if just for maintaining customer records or for email communication. An individual that can touch type will outperform their peers - producing higher quality work quickly, efficiently and will excel in time management, all essential traits required for enhanced career prospects 


Correct posture whilst typing

With prolonged periods spent at the computer, students need to be aware of correct posture whilst typing, to prevent developing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

 Posture guide for KAZ Typing software




‘City & Guilds Assured’ typing test and credentials

KAZ’s City & Guilds ‘Assured’ typing test consists of a multiple-choice paper and typing test. All successful candidates will receive a digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, C.V.’s and job application forms.




Learn to type with KAZ


KAZ’s inclusive touch typing software is suitable for both mainstream and neurodivergent students 



It’s proven Accelerated Learning teaching method teaches the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes



It’s safe and secure for online use - KAZ are members of and ensure student data is protected at all time



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