Touch Typing - How can it benefit your employees?


Almost every employer, given the choice, would prefer to hire an employee that can type quickly and accurately. Touch typing (a technique where a person types without looking at the keyboard) is considered to be an essential skill for workers in many professions, from telemarketing to design. We are expected to be our own secretaries and maintain our own admin. Typing at an above-average number of words per minute will save countless hours of time at the keyboard and improve efficiency. Additionally, the reduction in work pressure allows for an increased competitive edge amongst peers.


In this modern digital age, slow typing is unacceptable and with computers allowed in exams, subject to access arrangements, it is only a matter of time before all learning, university and professional, are computer-based.


Many recruitment agencies now demand the testing of typing skills prior to interview, as corporations realise the benefits of their employees being work ready and understand how this key skill promotes efficiency and productivity.


Devoting just a few hours a day to learn the skill of touch typing can reap huge benefits. Just like learning to drive, where we take lessons and then a proficiency test, we should apply the same principles when learning to type. With KAZ, it takes just 90 minutes to learn the a-z keys, plus practice time. Practice can be on emails, essays and work presentations.


Benefits of touch typing for employees


Time management


Organisations look for employees that are motivated and able to make effective use of their time during working hours. As a touch typist, productivity is naturally increased, as work is delivered in a shorter timeframe. This in itself can remove the intense pressure of ‘extra work’ and by saving working hours, your firm can stay ahead of the competition, irrespective of professional field, as ultimately, productivity matters. This basic yet crucial tech skill is probably more valuable in terms of return on investment than any other course you are likely to take. Whilst we can all ‘type’, only 30% of the workforce can type effectively using all fingers at a speed greater than the average of between 18-35wpm.


Concentration power


Keyboarding improves concentration levels on all computer-based tasks. When touch typing skills are learned, cognitive mental development is enhanced and you develop the ability to ‘think type’. Simply put, what you think, ‘appears’ on the screen in front of you. Subconscious touch typing does not extract mental energy, it leaves the mind free to process other thoughts and ideas.


Professional status


Typing ‘efficiently’ significantly enhances your professional image. When you touch type at high speed and with accuracy, you naturally appear more confident and more in control. Remember, a professional image is crucial for your career prospects and excellent typing abilities will stand you apart from your peers.


Mental health & well-being


A key aspect of learning to touch type is the knowledge gained of sitting with good posture and the correct positioning of hands, wrists and fingers at the keyboard. If you suffer from stiffness of the shoulders, neck, hand and wrists or suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or RSI (repetitive strain injury), touch typing reduces or eliminates these risks. Observing these simple ergonomics protect you from these and other complications, an invaluable benefit from learning touch typing.


Touch typing -  an essential skill for the development of other skills


Touch typing is a skill that is widely recognised in the marketplace, education and lifestyle sectors. It boosts learning of other computer/keyboard based skills from coding to developing fluency in other languages and importantly contributes to your own personal development (CPD/CE). With practice, speed and accuracy develop allowing you to outperform in all aspects of computer use and communication.


To sum up…


Touch typing improves your academic performance and widens the scope for future opportunities in the professional sector. As an employee, you can improve efficiency, productivity and time management, whist protecting your mental health and well being.



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