Can you spare 90 minutes? What if I told you it will save you a YEAR in your working life?



If I were to ask you that question in general, you would immediately take notice, but if I then told you it was to teach you to touch typing skills, you would probably respond, ‘I don’t need to learn to touch type, I can type just fine with 2 fingers. I’ve developed a method which works. It’s good enough’.


A Skill 

Typing is a skill - just like driving. When we learn to drive, we take lessons, followed by a driving test to confirm proficiency. However, in today’s IT-led world, filled with laptops, desktops and chrome books, we seem to be expected to automatically know how to type. Many professions require us to use a keyboard in some way or another. Some require us to spend several hours a day on the computer. How are we expected to type efficiently without training? Just like driving, if we want to become proficient, we need to take lessons.


Save Time

As we spend so many hours of our life at work, we should look for ways to improve our skills, to become more efficient, work faster and with less stress. It would make a huge difference in our daily life.


If the average working life is until around sixty-five years of age, it is relatively easy to work out the hours /days /months of our lives we can potentially save by learning to touch type efficiently.


The stats 

First, let’s get the facts and stats on which to base our calculations.


From 2000 free typing tests taken on our KAZ website, 71.6% of the ‘typists’ typed at an average speed of 19wpm. That’s more than 7 out of 10 people unable to type efficiently. (The first 1000 tests averaged 69.7% - which shows consistency in the statistics).


Image – Free Typing Test -


(Click on the tab above and try our free typing test - it will only take you 90 seconds. You will then be able to accurately calculate how much of your working life you can save with efficient typing.)


If you fall into the above 71.6% category and spend 2 hours per day in front of your PC, typing at a speed of 19wpm on emails, work, essays etc. your stats will be:


19wpm x 60mins x 2hours = 2,280 words in 2 hours.



However, if you fall into the latter 29%, you will be typing faster, more than 50 wpm:


50wpm x 60 mins x 2 hours = 6,000 words in 2 hours.


This is an additional 1,860 words per hour or a real-time saving of 1.2 hours per day. 


You’ve more than doubled your word count in the same time!  

(Out of interest, from the typing tests taken, the remaining 29% typed over 50wpm).


So now let’s work out how many hours of your life you can potentially save… 


From the above stats, you have saved 1.2 hours per day or 6 hours per week, by learning to type properly.


Current age: 35 (retire at 65)

Wpm: 19 (taken from KAZ free typing test)

Working 5 days per week and spending 2 hours per day on the computer.

6 hours x 52 weeks = 312 hours saved per year


312 hours x 30 years working life remaining = 9,360 hours (used up or saved) - You decide!


9,360 hours / 24 hours per day = 390 days of your life 


That amounts to more than a year! How would you spend this extra time?


Are you are one of the 69.7% typing at 19 wpm or less? Would you like to be one of the 29%?



The KAZ method was developed through years of research and with huge investment from the 3i group. It was designed through innovation, using an Accelerated Learning teaching method and was tested in over 300 education centres, over 3 years across the UK. It was only launched to market when 93% of learners learned to touch type the a-z keys in less than 90 minutes. 


 The Basics module in KAZ learn to touch type software 

 Image – The Basics ©


It was then further trialled and tested by the Open University, who was so impressed with the results, that they produced a white paper and deployed KAZ to all 90,000 + students, per annum for over 14 years.


It is still the only typing software available on the UK’s Learndirect site and the US’ OpenSesame.


Missed out on learning this skill in the past, don’t miss out on learning it now.




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