How to use KAZ’s touch typing software effectively in your training


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How to use KAZ’s touch typing software effectively in your training


Test - Train - Certify


Zenon Texeira - director at Opus books commented, I was shocked when I used your ROI calculator. We spend thousands on staff training. The cost savings gained for just one member of staff will pay for other training!”





J* is one of several Vice Presidents of a major worldwide corporation. She wanted to remain anonymous but commented, “We have overlooked this in our training. We have over

1000 office based staff just here in …. and as I walked around our offices looking, I was shocked. I can type and just assumed all our staff could type too!”


Both Zenon and J* are leaders in their respective fields. They are responsible for the day to day running of their organisations, which have returned huge growth during the past few years. Along with marketing strategies for continued growth, they are also responsible for improving efficiency and implementing assurance controls.


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KAZ software is designed to ensure ‘your’ staff are trained to type quickly and correctly and if they can already type, to correct bad habits, which tend to ‘develop’ over time. 


KAZ has serviced the sector for over 20 years and maintained focus to develop new products based on their science and research for teaching typing skills. Their Accelerated Learning teaching method, based on brain balance, teaches both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously and is trademarked in both the US and UK. The course was tried and tested by over 16,000 students annually for 3 years, in more than 300 training centres across the UK, prior to launch. 


“The phrase, ‘test, rinse, repeat’ must have been used quite often”, remarks Keene Braganza, MD of KAZ Type. 


It was only when exceptional results were recorded, (93% of students learning to type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes), was KAZ launched to market. 


The ultimate accolade followed when the Open University produced a white paper on its effectiveness and then provided the course to all their 90,000+ students for over 14 years.


The necessity of accurate and quick typing skills is not just about efficiency and productivity but also about health and well-being whilst at the computer. The KAZ course includes a specific module on correct posture and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).


The faster documents are written, data input and emails replied, the greater efficiency is built into an organisation, resulting in a far more productive workforce and an improved client/business relationship.


Working Case Study - P* - director of an innovative tech company, with its HQ in the UK, learned to type with KAZ in year 6 at school. The skill has helped him throughout his education and in his remarkable career. After recently coming across KAZ again, he took a free typing test and tried the ROI calculator on the KAZ website. He immediately saw the benefits learning this skill would bring to his company and importantly for staff welfare. 



He purchased a large quantity of KAZ’s ‘non-expiring’ typing tests and his HR director asked all 1400+ employees to log on and take a test!  Take up was excellent as it was integrated into several training days. This allowed them to assess who needed to be put on the typing course! The results were quite astonishing, as demonstrated by the ROI calculator.


He started with a 500 user licence but in spite of the initial optimism and the undoubted benefits to staff, take up was low. After discussing his initial disappointment with the KAZ team, the team came up with a novel idea to encourage and promote take up. 


The completion of the 6th Assessmentmodule, which issues a CPD standards approved certificate, was essential. KAZ offered ‘P’ a £250 Amazon gift voucher** for the employee with the highest score at the end of the licence period but with the caveat that everyone enrolled had to pass the assessment and actively try to use their skill, on a daily basis. This would guarantee that all staff who completed the learning would be typing at 35wpm+ and with practice, could increase their typing speeds to 50wpm+. (Prior to KAZ, typing speeds in the organisation varied from between 7 and 100+wpm). 


“The benefits to our clients and the goodwill this creates makes the cost of the voucher, negligible. The difference efficiency can make to productivity, per employee is huge and that doesn’t even take into account the annual cost savings! It just makes sense to help our clients deploy KAZ as much as we can. Even with just a 10% take up, as shown on our ROI calculator, the difference is huge. Ultimately, ‘Your success is Our success’”, says Keene Braganza.



KAZ is used by business and educational establishments worldwide. 

Current clients include the MOD, the UK Government, US government entities, Legal and Corporate business, Schools and individuals worldwide.



Recommended in Which? Magazine Feb 2020




To get the maximum benefits from a keyboard, you need to be able to touch - type. Learning how to do this is made easier by programs such as KAZ (Keyboard A–Z), which claims to deliver benefits in just 90 minutes. KAZ has Corporate, Adult, Junior and Dyslexia editions...Touch-typing really does save you time… and you are never too old to learn.’  

                                                              (Which? Magazine - February 2020)



* Identity protected. We will only publish names and case studies with full approval.

** KAZ will refund the cost of the voucher for all businesses 500 employees or more.

‘Your Success is Our Success’



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