KAZ Ethos

‘We keep the needs of our users in mind at all times and constantly strive to make our site and software accessible to all. We hope to teach and make a difference to the lives of mainstream and neurodivergent individuals through innovation and technology.

Why choose KAZ for business?

  • Because our unique and proven ©Accelerated Learning teaching method will teach you to type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes and is used in businesses around the world
  • Our award-winning mainstream and neuro-diverse software has proven so effective that it has been recognised for its innovation and for its distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs
  • Our course was developed by the same team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses
  • Our ©teaching method, incorporating brain balance was tried and tested on 18,000 students per year, for 3 years before launch and proved that 93% of students learned to type the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes*
  • The Open University trialled, approved and deployed the KAZ course to over 90,000 students per year, for over 14 years. They were so impressed that they wrote a ‘White Paper’ on its effectiveness (view on our ‘Latest News’ section)
  • Our multi-sensory approach engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, accommodating for all learning styles and radically enhancing memory retention and recall, which is why it is so effective
  • Our specialised 'Preference Screen' minimises visual disturbances, tailoring the course for maximum visibility and comfort
  • Our easy to use admin panel allows administrators to upload user lists in minutes, send logon details using real or pseudo email addresses and monitor user progress in real-time, remotely
  • Being an online course, users can log on and practice from both work and home, allowing learning to continue beyond the workplace
  • We offer the only National Ofqual Regulated Touch Typing Qualification (Level 1 & Level2) - available for funding via the ESFA, FALA and QWS in the UK
  • Our software is available over a wide range of platforms (online, download and SCORM for use within LMS)
  • KAZ is fully mobile-friendly and works across all devices; chrome books, mobiles, tablets, iPads, laptops, Macs and PCs
  • Being an online course, user safety and data are paramount. We are members of (ZA112705) and strictly adhere to all their rules and regulations. In the US, we are compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA"), and the Children's Internet Protection Act for K-12 Schools (“CIPA”).
  • Our website and courses are secure (see our SSL certificate and padlock in the browser bar). You will never have to worry about learners’ information or data while using our courses. We guarantee no pop-ups, advertising or solicitation by email. We are registered Apple Developers (Y25PN4Y6VU) and Microsoft developers (PAR149554). We have built our reputation and trade by these principles and will not compromise. This is why we are used by the UK government, US government entities, OpenSesame, REED, the MOD and educational and business establishments worldwide
  • Our courses are CPD/CE accredited and certified by the CPD Standards office. On successful completion of the 6th and final module, users are automatically awarded a CPD/CE certificate
  • We do not use gimmicks or charge costly monthly payments - just affordable pricing, to suit your budget
  • Our course is approved by Student Finance England and is used in re-training and ‘Access to Work’ schemes
  • We welcome, listen and take into account all feedback – read our testimonials
  • We believe in transparency and do not hide behind our website. We are contactable by phone or email and our IT support is free and always happy to help

* Our tests and surveys have shown that the majority of users complete the A- Z keys section in 90 minutes. However, this is not guaranteed and some individuals may take longer. KAZ is structured so that the individual can work at their own pace. Allow an average of 4 hours plus practise time to complete the entire course, covering the rest of the keyboard.

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