Which? magazine recommends KAZ touch typing software


‘Which? Magazine has been championing the cause for consumers since 1957. They are the UK's best selling monthly magazine, trusted by more than 600,000 subscribers. Today, they have more than 1.3m members and supporters, making them the largest independent consumer body in the UK. 


Their magazines give a wealth of expert advice and information on a vast range of everyday products and services. From the latest test results to in-depth surveys and investigations, each month, Which? gives impartial advice and recommendations, the best deals and keeps you on top of consumer news


Completely independent


The unique thing about Which? is that they are completely independent. They have no owners, shareholders or government departments to answer to and you'll never see an advert in their magazines or on their websites.

Their commitment to providing unbiased advice to consumers is at the heart of everything they do. This means they work entirely on behalf of you, the consumer, and nobody else – so you can rest assured that you're getting the very best advice available.’ (Which Magazine - February 2020)


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It is for this reason that we are thrilled that Which? has recommended all KAZ typing editions (Corporate, Adult, Junior and Dyslexia).


‘To get the maximum benefits from a keyboard, you need to be able to touch - type. Learning how to do this is made easier by programs such as KAZ (Keyboard A–Z), which claims to deliver benefits in just 90 minutes. KAZ has Corporate, Adult, Junior and Dyslexia editions…’ (Which Magazine - February 2020)


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‘Touch-typing really does save you time… and you are never too old to learn.’

                                                                (Which? Magazine - February 2020)

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