Touch typing tournament 2021-2022


As of the end of October, ESMS are already off the mark and their determination to make this tournament theirs is evident!


Come on schools, don’t wait until next year to enter. Follow the lead of ESMS and get your children learning this skill now, so it becomes as easy as their 1,2,3’s!



Administrators: Simply ‘click’ the button in your admin panel to automatically enrol your students into the tournament!!



Once entered, students simply ‘click’ the trophy symbol at the top of their screen for a one-touch login to the tournament.




Last year’s winners, for the second year running, were Shrewsbury School. Well done to Charlie S who stormed to first prize and well done to Karen Mitchell, Head of Learning Support for her continual enthusiasm and encouragement to all her students in learning the skill of touch typing.


“I learnt to touch type at college. It is such a valuable skill and helped me both at university and in my career. I have to type lengthy assessments and reports and being able to touch type has been a great asset.” Karen continued, “It is encouraging to see that many of them can now touch type much faster than me!”


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