Touch typing qualifications now available


We are delighted to have partnered with Open Awards and to have produced the only National Ofqual Regulated Qualifications in touch typing skills - entry levels 1 and 2. Ideal for individuals, education and business settings. 


There is no minimum age requirement. All successful candidates are awarded a digital certificate and have the qualification added to their education record if a valid Unique Learner Number is entered.


Is there a better way to prepare students for FE/HE and prove to prospective employers they are ready for the workplace? 


There are two levels available - Level 1 and Level 2. We have designed the admin panel so teachers/administrators do not have to decide which 'level' to allocate at the onset. They can assign their preferred level to each student and monitor the results of their 'Practice Tests’ before allocating the final level. However, once they register their students for the 'Assessment', the level cannot be changed as this will be automatically uploaded to the OA portal.

Level 1 - 610/1412/6 Award in Touch Typing Skills (RQF) - 4 Credits

Theory Assessment - Level 1 - 35 minutes duration (16 questions - MCQ & T/F format)

Practical Typing Test - 3 minutes covering a-z and specific puncuation keys on the keyboard.

Pass: Theory - 50%, TypingTest - 25wpm 

(Suitable for a Level 1 command of English)



Level 2 - 610/1413/8 Award in Touch Typing Skills (RQF) - 6 Credits

Theory Assessment - Level 2 - 55 minutes duration (16 questions - MCQ & T/F format)

Practical Typing Test - 3 minutes covering the whole keyboard.

Pass: Theory - 50%, Typing Test -  35wpm

(Suitable for a Level 2 command of English)


As an Open Awards Partner, all testing will be carried out via our platform. All costs are included within the price (registration fees, centre fees, uploading to the OA portal and digital certification fees, once approved and authorised by the OA team. There will be NO additional charges.


If you are already registered as a course provider with Open Awards and would like us to arrange a sub-licence, please get in touch.


It doesn’t matter if your school uses a different typing software. Simply select the 'Assessment Only' option.  We will provide full revision notes and a practice test to enable learners to prepare for the Assessment.


For pricing and to find out more:


For a free 1:1 webinar or any further information please email: 

or call us on: 01926 423424

Open Awards/Ofqual will monitor all results and review pass mark criteria at the end of the 2023 school year.


Why were these qualifications developed?





Individuals - Are you FE/HE and work ready?


Take our free 90-second test on our website, see your speed and select either a Level 1 or a Level 2 Assessment.


Add your Unique Learner Number and your education record will be automatically updated, and you will receive an Ofqual regulated digital certificate!


If you can’t type or are just learning, then select our Training & Assessment package. Learn to type first, and then when YOUR’E ready…take the Assessment. 


If you learned to type with another package but still want a real qualification, select the ‘Assessment Only’ option. All revision notes are included.


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