NEW for 2022 - Wordbank with audio and typing tournament updates


1. KAZ Wordbank with audio feature





a. Login to your Admin Panel

b. Click on the tab ‘Add Spellings/Word Bank


For a more detailed guide as to how to use these functions, please consult the full Online User Manual or simply follow the on screen instructions.



Zoning of different wordbanks for year groups or abilities is now possible. Spellings of the week or problematic words can be added to ingrain spelling through muscle memory. 







1. Please note the audio is now repeated after each typed word (three times).

2. Simply, click on the ‘Group’ and add the words for that group.

3. Words added to the ‘Generic’ group will appear in all groups

4. To create a different word banks for each group, select the group and fill in the wordbank for each group. 

5. Word banks filled in for a non-generic group will only appear to students in that group.

6. Clock adjustments can be made to increase or decrease the time in the Challenge module.

7. Simply press ‘Save’ once a minimum of 25 words have been input. Students will immediately have access to the 'Challenge 4' module.


However, if you feel that typing against the clock does not suit your student, tell them to stay with the first ‘Just do it’ module where the same exercises can be practised in their own time.



Please note: this 4th module will only appear if vocabulary is added.





Each challenge is designed to gradually ingrain spelling through muscle memory, starting with the most dextrous fingers, then progressing to the rest. Start with Module 1 and progress through each in order. 


All challenges are set against the clock. However, if you do not wish your student to type against the clock, please tell them to stay with the first ‘Just Do It’ module, where the same exercises can be practised in their own time.




2. Typing tournament update




a. To activate all students into our typing tournament please click the red button on your admin panel.

(If your students are already entered, you will be immediately notified.)



b. Once ‘clicked’ students will automatically see the ‘KAZ trophy’ at the top of their login page. This is a direct link to the tournament, without need to log on separately.



c. All results are displayed in your ‘Tournament Results’ tab.  




d. To ‘delete’ a score, simply click the button which appears at the end of the  student line. Only the students last score will be deleted.



We are so confident in the benefits of our Typing Tutor that we are certain that when you see the results and progress of your students/users, you will implement KAZ touch typing software year after year, like so many of our established users and… it’s as simple as that!






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