Call Scotland ASL & Technology conference June 2020



Call Scotland ASL & Technology conference 2020


We help children and young people across Scotland 

to overcome disability and barriers to learning.


We've been around since 1983 working as a Research and Development centre as well as a working Service unit. Both elements are necessary and important - they inform, enrich and support each other.

Our mission is…


To provide pupils and families, local authorities and professionals with -


Strategic Leadership

Pupil Assessment and Support

Professional Learning and Training

Specialist Information and Expert Advice

Assistive Technology Loans and Technical Support

Knowledge Transfer, Research and Development


This years Call Scotland event was again scheduled for Glasgow and Edinburgh but was sadly cancelled due to Covid-19. 


Thankfully the team re-organised and re-structered the even into an online format.


What to expect...

  • Online presentations featuring some of the UK's leading suppliers of software and technology to support learners with additional support needs.
  • Online presentations by staff from CALL Scotland highlighting good practice.
  • Prize Draw.


Suitable for those...

  • Working in education with pupils with ASN
  • Supporting students with disabilities in FE/HE
  • Helping adults with disabilities in the community



Exhibitors due to attend include...

  • CandLE
  • Crick Software
  • Google
  • Inspiration
  • KAZ Type Limited
  • LexAble
  • Pretorian
  • ReadingWise
  • Scanning Pens
  • Sonocent
  • Smartbox
  • Special iApps
  • Texthelp
  • Tobii Dynavox


12:30pm - 12:45pm


Keene & Sheraleen Braganza, KAZ Type Limited

KAZ Touch Typing programme: helping dyslexic learners to learn typing skills to support literacy challenges

Suitable for: Primary, Secondary, FE and HE

KAZ's specialised Neurodiverse Touch Typing Software was developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust.

Using a unique and proven Accelerated Teaching method, it teaches typing skills, whilst minimising visual disturbances by means of a unique 'preference screen' - tailoring the course for maximum visibility comfort.

It is suitable for individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, ADHD, ASD, Tourette's, amongst others.


to view the KAZ presentation:



To view the CallScotland Youtube chanel with all presentations:



Thank you to all the team at Call Scotland for including KAZ Type in the demonstation day.


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