SEN / Dyslexia touch typing software for individuals

Are you or a member of your family struggling with:

  • Visual disturbances
  • Slow work rate
  • Reading, writing and spelling
  • Poor attention span
  • Processing
  • Poor working memory

If so, learn to touch type with our specialised SEN/Dyslexia typing software, especially designed to help address these challenges.

Dyslexia affects individuals in different ways and includes a wide range of challenges which can impact education, work and life.

A life-changing skill

However, with the right support, strategies and skills, it is possible to overcome many of these challenges. One simple skill that can help and can be life changing is touch typing.

Visual disturbances

Incorporating specialised features and a multi-sensory approach throughout, the KAZ course teaches typing skills, whilst minimising visual disturbances. It uses a unique preference screen, which tailors the course for maximum visibility comfort.

Unique ©Preference screen

Preferences include:

  • Choice of coloured background/filter screens for reducing white screen glare, including a ‘customise’ feature, catering for individuals with Meares-Irlen Syndrome
  • Choice of two specific DRT research based background/filter colours - to stabilise letter movement and reduce blurring
  • Choice of dyslexic friendly typefaces (including 2 licensed dyslexic fonts) – for ease of reading
  • Choice of font colour – for contrast from background screen colour
  • Choice of font size – for optimum visibility comfort and to minimise fusing and crowding of letters
  • Choice of Keyboard – for optimum visibility comfort

Once the user has selected their preferences and can read the sample text comfortably, these options are then 'Saved' and applied throughout the course, tailor making it and ensuring the learning experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Visually impaired users will benefit from KAZ’s audio descriptive version, which includes ‘speaking keys’ and spoken instruction.
Deaf and hearing impaired users will benefit from KAZ’s text only version, with written and visual instruction.

The course was designed to be used independently and without supervision.

  • The Method

    Unlike other typing tutors based on repetitive exercises and distracting games, KAZ teaches typing skills using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases. Its multi-sensory approach engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective.
  • Brain Balance

    The unique method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously, a direct result of both hemispheres of the brain working at the same time (brain balance). No other typing tutor works in this way.
  • Muscle Memory

    The method also builds muscle memory. With the repetition of real word vocabulary - reading, spelling and vocabulary are engrained to memory and spellings become a series of finger movements and patterns on a keyboard, dramatically reducing the likelihood of transposing and misspelling words.

This is why so many special needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) and teachers recommend KAZ.

Compare Platforms

KAZ Online e-learning KAZ Download
MAC Windows
Description Feature-rich multimedia keyboard training, allowing you to train over the internet from anywhere you have access to an internet connection without installing KAZ software. Download version providing feature rich multimedia keyboard training. Download version providing feature rich multimedia keyboard training.
Administrator panel for issuing licences and full monitoring of student progress -Family Online only Yes, for the number of licences purchased. Easy to use and full back office showing progress, statistics and student bookmarks. No No
Preference Screen Yes Yes Yes
Audio Tuition Yes Yes Yes
Text-only Tuition Yes Yes Yes
Speed and Accuracy Development Yes Yes Yes
Software Installation Required No Yes Yes
Scalable Course Yes Yes Yes
Speed and Accuracy Score History Yes (full history) Yes (during course only due to Apple restrictions) Yes (full history)
Bookmarking Yes Yes (during course only due to Apple restrictions) Yes
Region Settings USA and UK keyboard support (Qwerty). Audio tuition with USA or English accents and vocabulary.
User Guides Videos, brochure and guides.
Workstations Supported Windows 10, Windows 8, Apple Mac running OS X, Mojave, High Sierra - PC and Mac always updated to latest versions. Not a browser based product. Not a browser based product.
Internet Access Required Yes, internet access is required to access the software. Yes, internet access is required to access the software.
Browser Compatibility Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox - you may need to enable plug-ins. Not a browser based product. Not a browser based product.
Access to KAZ Software Any computer connected to the internet, at work, home and away. Only the workstation in which the software has been installed and activated.
Licensing Annual licence. Perpetual licence (10 years) to run on the workstation to which the software has been installed and activated - with 1 year support.


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