Parents - why teach your child to touch type?

For many parents, the moment their child is diagnosed with SEND/dyslexia, a feeling of helplessness takes over and it can be overwhelming.

Teachers may have already outlined areas your child is struggling and falling behind in - reading, writing and spelling, to mention a few.

How can you help?

The first step is to gain a better understanding of what dyslexia is. Dyslexia is a life-long neurological difference, which usually runs in families and includes a wide range of challenges that can impact education, work and everyday life.

A life-changing skill

There are many different approaches you can take. However, one simple and fundamental skill you can teach your child that will produce results quickly and easily and which can be life-changing is touch typing.

Visual disturbances

Through her research findings, Dr. Sue Fowler of the Dyslexia Research Trust believes that many children with dyslexia struggle with reading and writing due to visual disturbances. If you think about it, how can you expect a child to learn if the text in front of them is jumping, flipping and moving around the page. Addressing these visual disturbances before they learn, could make all the difference.

Unique ©Preference screen

Preferences include:

  • Choice of coloured background/filter screens for reducing white screen glare, including a ‘customise’ feature, catering for individuals with Meares-Irlen Syndrome
  • Choice of two specific DRT research based background/filter colours - to stabilise letter movement and reduce blurring
  • Choice of dyslexic friendly typefaces (including 2 licensed dyslexic fonts) – for ease of reading
  • Choice of font colour – for contrast from background screen colour
  • Choice of font size – for optimum visibility comfort and to minimise fusing and crowding of letters
  • Choice of Keyboard – for optimum visibility comfort

Once the user has selected their preferences and can read the sample text comfortably, these options are then 'Saved' and applied throughout the course, tailor making it and ensuring the learning experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Visually impaired users will benefit from KAZ’s audio descriptive version, which includes ‘speaking keys’ and spoken instruction.
Deaf and hearing impaired users will benefit from KAZ’s text only version, with written and visual instruction.

Simon Luxford-Moore, Head of eLearning ESMS Schools

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The course was designed to be used independently and without supervision.

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  • The Method
  • Brain Balance
  • Muscle Memory

This is why so many special needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) and teachers recommend KAZ.

KAZ Junior SEND / Dyslexia Edition

Our NEW Junior SEND/Dyslexia Edition (age 6 - 11) includes the same unique ‘Preference Screen’, uses the same proven teaching method and includes all the benefits of the KAZ Adult Typing Tutor but with age-related vocabulary, fun imagery and amusing animations - designed to hold the interest and concentration of the younger mind. However, we recommend adult supervision when first using the ‘Preference Screen’.

KAZ Family SEND / Dyslexia Edition

Our New Family SEND/Dyslexia Edition offers a choice of both Adult and Junior versions, available as a cost effective 5-user multi license for the price of three.

Dyslexic family members should use the ‘Preference Screen’ to obtain their preferred settings. Non dyslexic members should simply begin the course on the pre-set default settings.

The Online edition includes an ‘Administrator Panel’ where the administrator can choose and allocate the appropriate license to each family member and can monitor family progress (bookmarks, speed and accuracy). They can also upload school's spelling lists or problematic words to help learn and ingrain spellings to muscle memory.

Now everyone in the family can learn to type.

Compare Editions (Adult/Junior/Family):
Adult Junior Family
Adult Phrases : (choice)
Junior Phrases : (choice)
Junior Imagery : (choice)

Compare our Education Keyboard Training Platforms

Compare Platforms
KAZ Online e-learning KAZ Download
MAC Windows
Description Feature-rich multimedia keyboard training, allowing you to train over the internet from anywhere you have access to an internet connection without installing KAZ software. Download version providing feature rich multimedia keyboard training. Download version providing feature rich multimedia keyboard training.
Administrator panel for issuing licences and full monitoring of student progress -Family Online only Yes, for the number of licences purchased. Easy to use and full back office showing progress, statistics and student bookmarks. Ability to upload weekly spelling lists or problematic words via your admin panel. No No
Preference Screen Yes Yes Yes
Audio Tuition Yes Yes Yes
Text-only Tuition Yes Yes Yes
Speed and Accuracy Development Yes Yes Yes
Software Installation Required No Yes Yes
Scalable Course Yes Yes Yes
Speed and Accuracy Score History Yes (full history) Yes (during course only due to Apple restrictions) Yes (full history)
Bookmarking Yes Yes (during course only due to Apple restrictions) Yes
Region Settings USA and UK keyboard support (Qwerty). Audio tuition with USA or English accents and vocabulary.
User Guides Videos, brochure and guides.
Workstations Supported Windows 10, Windows 8, Apple Mac running OS X, Mojave, High Sierra - PC and Mac always updated to latest versions. Not a browser based product. Not a browser based product.
Internet Access Required Yes, internet access is required to access the software. Yes, internet access is required to access the software.
Browser Compatibility Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox - you may need to enable plug-ins. Not a browser based product. Not a browser based product.
Access to KAZ Software Any computer connected to the internet, at work, home and away. Only the workstation in which the software has been installed and activated.
Licensing Annual licence. Perpetual licence (10 years) to run on the workstation to which the software has been installed and activated - with 1 year support.


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