Touch typing tournament



Touch typing tournament 



KAZ’s touch typing software was designed for use with minimal teacher intervention


KAZ -  being online, allows students to access the course from both school and home, allowing learning to continue beyond the classroom


KAZ’s multi-sensory and proven Accelerated Learning teaching method teaches the skill quickly, efficiently and in a light-hearted manner


KAZ is suitable for both mainstream and students with special educational needs 



Due to requests from Head and IT teachers and to encourage students to engage and learn the skill of touch typing quickly, as well as bring out their natural competitive spirit, we launched our new ‘worldwide touch typing tournament’ earlier this year, 2020. The current competition will end at the end of June 2020 and the new one will begin in September and run through to the end of June 2021. 



Terms & Conditions


All schools entering must already have or take out a KAZ licence 

Schools can register and join in any time during the competition

To enter students into the competition, teachers simply press the ‘Typing Tournament’ button on their dashboard/admin panel and all students who are already using KAZ will be automatically entered. 

Students who do not wish to compete, need not take part

Teachers will be able to view all their students’ progress and highest scores at all times on their dashboard - so if they wish to hold their own school competition, they can


The winning student: 


The student with the highest number of words per minute will receive a KAZ Touch Typing Winner’s Certificate and if 14 years or above, a free City & Guilds licence. (In the event of a younger student winning, their City & Guilds licence will be kept on hold until they reach the required age.) 





The winning school will receive: 


The KAZ Touch Typing Trophy 2020

A year’s free renewal of their KAZ Typing Tutor licence 

Will be showcased on our website

Will be celebrated on all social media and press






Only KAZ administrators will have access to the cumulative student data and the results of the top students will be published on our site, at the end of each month. Naturally, we will display either a pseudonym or just the Christian name of the student but will display the school name. (Please note: teachers will only have access to their own student data.)


With online learning now crucial for both delivering and submitting school work, the advantages of teaching students touch typing skills are now more essential than ever. Prepare them for ‘O’ levels, FE and the workplace.



Give your students a head start – Teach them to type – Make it fun – Enter the tournament!


Good luck and may the best school win!





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