The most asked questions about touch typing





Is it bad to type with just two fingers? 



If you type occasionally, typing with just two fingers shouldn’t really pose a problem but if you type regularly, for prolonged periods of time, it could become problematic. This is because it has been proven that typing with just two fingers, for long periods increases the chances of developing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). This is why it is always preferable to touch type correctly and follow good practice.




Is it hard to learn to type?


No. Typing is a skill which is relatively simple to learn. All you need is a reputable typing software, with a proven teaching method, clear and correct instruction and one that builds muscle memory. Then it’s just practice and a little determination. (Our Accelerated Learning teaching method will teach you to type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes.)




How can I teach myself to type?


Firstly, use an approved and reputable typing software. There are a variety to choose from, from ‘free’ to ‘paid’ products. Some include gaming or video based instruction and some do not. Preferably, choose a software that is research based, has a proven teaching method, clear and correct instruction and one that builds muscle memory and develops speed. If time is of major consideration, choose KAZ. Our Accelerated Learning teaching method, which was developed through science and research and designed to teach typing skills with minimal fuss, will teach you to type quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it has been tried, tested and proven to work. There aren’t many typing tutors that can back up their courses with scientific research.




How long does it take to learn typing fast?


This really varies from person to person and from one course to another. With our proven Accelerated Learning teaching method, you will learn to touch type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes and complete the whole of the keyboard in just 4 hours. The majority of our users leave KAZ typing at around 50wpm. However, don’t expect to be typing at 100wpm after a week. Learning to type correctly takes time but within weeks you will see a rapid improvement, which should really encourage you.




What about gaming? 


Well it all depends on what you want from a course but research has proven that whilst gaming appears fun, it actually delays or extends the learning process, which if you think about, makes sense. If you want to learn to type quickly, choose a reputable software that is proven to work and delivered in a simple and light hearted manner. 




What is the best website to learn typing?  


There are various websites which offer free or paid courses. Ideally, you should choose a site that is reputable, fully secure and ad-free for online learning. Look for the padlock symbol in the browser bar and always read the data policy and Terms & Conditions before signing up. Additionally, check licensing prior to signing - is it a simple one off annual payment or are there continual monthly fees which only stop once you cancel the subscription? KAZ only charge one annual fee which does not renew automatically. An email reminder is sent out one month prior to the licence expiry, allowing you to renew if you wish to.



What is the best typing program for free? 


Some programs may be free but nowadays, with cyber security and data theft a prime concern, the question should be; Is my data and browsing history (and that of others who use this software) safe? One should always read the data policy and T&Cs. The real question that should be asked is why would a course be given away for free?



What about downloading software?


Generally, it is strongly advised against downloading files from the internet but if you do, all downloaded files should come from a reputable source, with the software house clearly displaying their Apple and Microsoft developer credentials.





Why should I pay for a typing program?


Paying for a product indicates the willingness to benefit from a specialised product that is safe to use. Normally, when a product is paid for there is the added incentive to use it and complete the learning.



What is the best app to learn typing? 


One which meets the following criteria - teaches correct posture whist typing and informs about RSI. Teaches correct finger placement, using a proven teaching method, includes practice modules to build muscle memory and allows for practice to develop speed and accuracy.




Is Typing 40wpm good?


Yes. Typing at 40 wpm is considered a good typing speed from which you can build automaticity and with practice, increase speed. Our research has shown that 35wpm is the tipping point, when all fingers and thumbs are used. This research is backed up by our work with various bodies such as the MOD and City & Guilds.




How do I start typing? 


Most people are normally typing one way or another but often with just 2 or a few fingers. Typing like this will generally limit you to 25/30 wpm, with an increased risk of developing RSI. Choosing a reputable software with a proven teaching method, would be your best way forward. It should teach you effortlessly and you will find that once the skill is automatised you will be able to plan, compose and edit without even realising it, a term we call ‘Think-type’.



Is it possible to type at 200wpm?


Whilst in theory it is possible to type at extraordinary speeds but this is normally in short bursts. However it is always recommended to give fingers a break after 2-5 minutes of continuous typing as this reduces the risk of RSI.




What is the average wpm for a 13 year old?  


This obviously varies from child to child and can vary from 15 to 80+ wpm. Children are very quick to pick up the skill, which adds to the mystery of why this skill isn’t on the curriculum in all countries. The earlier a child learns the skill the better. However consider a starting age of around 6/7 years, as hands will have grown sufficiently and fingers develop good dexterity.



How can I speed up my keyboard typing? 


Practice, practice and more practice and always maintain discipline… Practice not only on your software but also on emails, essays and at work. It is so important to keep discipline and not resort back to bad habits. If necessary, refresh on the KAZ course as many times as needed.




How do you type special characters?


A good software will demonstrate and teach you how to use the punctuation, shift keys and the number keys. Remember, not all keyboards have a number pad. So, software should teach the number row which is located on the top row of the keyboard.




Can you learn to touch type in a week? 


Yes, with KAZ you can. Our Accelerating Teaching method and ©phrases, using ‘brain balance’ will do just that. Our course has been specifically designed to teach you to type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes and the rest is just practice. 





Can I learn typing on a laptop?


Yes. Laptops and desktops are ideal for learning, as they all have correctly sized keyboards. However, not all courses work across all devices, such as iPads and tablets. Also remember that correct workstation setup is key for efficient typing. You should be relaxed and correctly distanced from the keyboard. A good typing tutor will explain all this. Some people use extra keyboards or screens for proper workstation setups.




Why does the KAZ course work?  

Unlike other typing software, our method is patented, has a white paper written on its effectiveness by the Open University and most importantly, works! The method was tested prior to launch in over 300 adult education learning centres across the UK and only released to market when over 90% (93%) of individuals learned to type the a-z keys in just 90 minutes.




Anything else…?


All our learning modules are just that, learning. You are not hampered in progressing through the course by needing to type at a certain speed, collect badges or watch countless videos. Learning through mistakes ensures you build muscle memory gradually.


However, in the testing and SpeedBuilding modules you can only progress if you press the correct key, which is how we then enforce muscle memory. 

Also as all vocabulary is ‘real word’, there is no ‘gobbledegook’ or ‘nonsense words’ which can all confuse or delay leaning.





Why can I trust KAZ?


We’re a real company used by government, schools, business and individuals worldwide. See our testimonials on sites such as We are registered as a company in the UK, clearly display our phone, address and contact details on our website and are registered with the leading data controllers We take data control seriously. Added to that we’re members of BESA, NAACE to name just a few. We are constantly striving to make the user experience better and our courses suitable for all, so always expect exceptional updates to our software!



and lastly to sum up…


Remember specific fingers should only press certain keys. If you learn to type correctly, you can achieve regular typing speeds in excess of 70 words per minute (wpm). It is important to learn correctly as incorrect typing, such as ‘hunt and peck’, can increase the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


It is widely accepted, in the teaching and learning profession that methods using an Accelerated Learning teaching method are far more effective, engaging and work. Effective learning leads to a higher completion rate, higher satisfaction rate and the skill learned!


It is important to realise that if learning is not delivered correctly, it can be counter-productive.



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