How to Type Faster using a recognised Touch Typing Software


In today’s digital world, typing is a daily necessity. Do you spend a lot of time at a computer typing every day? If so, you really need to know how to use your keyboard properly. When you learn touch typing, you will type much faster, save time and be more productive. With all good software, you will learn to type without looking at the keys, as your fingers will learn the location of every key via muscle memory. There are many touch typing softwares available that can help you to learn to type faster.  However, first you must learn correct finger positioning and follow certain techniques to develop good practice. Typing speed will develop gradually once the above is learned properly. This blog outlines the guidelines to be followed in order to type faster by a leading touch typing software.

Tips and Tricks to Touch Type Faster

Here are some tips to get touch typing faster:

Sit Straight

Correct sitting posture is essential in order to type fast. Always sit straight, with your elbows bent and at the proper angle. When you face the screen, tilt your head slightly forward. Maintain at least a forty to seventy cm’s distance between your head and the screen. Make sure your arm, wrist and shoulder muscles are at comfortable positions. Do not rest on your wrists, unless using a wrist guard, as this not only causes discomfort but slows down your typing speed. Correct posture and learning to type correctly are essential to prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).


Curve Fingers on Home Row

The middle row of letter keys is called the ‘home row’ and you should always start and return to these keys. Curve your fingers slightly first and then place your left hand fingers on the A, S, D and F keys and your right hand fingers on the J, K, L and ‘;’ keys. Remember the F and J keys should be underneath your index fingers. It is easy to find these as they have a raised line or dot on them. They help you find the keys by touch, without the need to look down at the keyboard. 

Press Every Key With the Correct Finger

To increase your typing speed, lightly tap the keys with the correct fingers. Start typing with ‘ASDF - JKL;’ and always return your fingers to their home row positions. To learn touch typing, visualise the location of a key on your keyboard and try to maintain a rhythm, so your keystrokes occur at the same intervals. To type a capital letter, press the Shift key with your little finger that is opposite to the one hitting the letter key. To press the space bar, always use the thumb of any hand, at your convenience. Initially, you may find it difficult to follow these guidelines but persevere. With regular practice, you will learn how to type quickly and easily. 

Move your Fingers Correctly

Accuracy is key for fast typing. Use all fingers and thumbs as per the designated keys. Do not make up your own rules and always return your fingers to the home row. Once your fingers have been trained, the skill will automatise and you will effectively be able to ‘think-type’. Initially focus only on the hand and finger movements required to press a particular key and then build up gradually. Keeping your fingers on the home row increases speed. As your small and ring fingers are comparably underdeveloped, pay extra attention to them when practicing. It’s just like playing the piano, difficult at first but gets easier with practice.

Press Every Key With the Right Finger.jpg


Do Not Rush

Never type in a hurry, as this will affect accuracy and lead to typing errors, which ultimately need correcting. Above all, take your time when you learn touch typing. Have patience and your speed will increase gradually with practice. Eventually, your fingers will automatically hit the right keys.


A high-quality touch typing software makes the learning process of typing much easier, faster and more convenient. If you genuinely want to type quickly, follow the above guidelines. Start practicing regularly and with correct finger positioning and posture. Once you learn how to touch type fast and with accuracy, not only will you enjoy typing but you will also save a huge amount of time. 


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