4 Reasons to Implement Touch Typing Classes in Schools


Touch typing is generally not included within the school curriculum. However, many teachers understand the importance and the need for this skill and try to find space in the limited timeframe they have allocated during IT skills and digital literacy. However,as a result many students do not learn the skill or take keyboard practice seriously. 

If you learn touch typing, especially in early in life, it can help you to succeed in almost every profession. There are numerous reasons to implement touch typing classes in schools.


Why Touch Typing Classes Should be Offered in Schools?

Whyshould schools offer touch typing classes to students?


Primary Requirement for Professional and Scholastic Excellence

Touch typing, also know as keyboarding is a fundamental and necessary computer skill. Whilst some students prefer to use the‘hunt and peck’ typing method, others may ‘touch-type’ or use a hybrid method, albeit not very accurately. When you learn to touch type, you can easily and efficiently conduct online research, take examinations and type assessments. You will naturally feel more confident and are more likely to perform well in studies. This advanced typing process saves time in homework allowing more time to focus on new and innovative learning as opposed to wasting unnecessary timeat the keyboard. 


Fun to Learn

Learning the skill of touch typing should induce fun. When you get a well-structured and well researched software, the typing process is easy and enjoyable. You will be taught how to move your hands smoothly over your keyboard and hit the right keys, every time. The initial introductory lessons teach you the basics of typing and which fingers to use for certain keys.


Eases Difficulties in Learning

Touch typing is a necessity for students suffering from a variety of learning differences. For instance, students with dyspraxia and dysgraphia naturally struggle with handwriting. By learning to touch type at school, they can boost their learning and literacy skills, which in turnwill help them reach theirfull potential. This advanced process of typing also helps studentschallenged with musculoskeletal disorders and visual impairment to improve their learning process. As a student, if you learn to touch type using reading real words, you can improve performance rapidly. Touch typing is considered to be the base of multi-sensory learning courses. Once you learn to touch type, you will  hear, think and then read your text on the screen easily and without even realising it. As the learning process is multi-sensory, with regular practice your typing will become much faster.






Vital IT Skill

Technology is now ever presentand has significantly changed our lifestyles, our education, our health and our society. It is an essential IT skill and to use it effectively, you should know how to use your keyboard efficiently. Being an expert in touch typingcan give you an edgeover your fellow students and earn youbetter career prospects.




Teaching keyboarding at schools is so important for students. The learning process, if done in the correct manner, can be exceptionally quick. A high-quality keyboarding software will help students improve their typing speed and accuracy within a short time period. 


Schools should allocate the time to teach typing skills to their students as it is an essential life skill that will help themthroughout theiracademic, professional and personal lives.




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