10 Ideal Jobs For a Fast Typist


Typing is widely regarded as one of the most crucial yet ‘hidden’ office skills.  Most business operations and administration is carried out with the use of computers, irrespective of profession and/or sector. Now more than ever, it is a necessity to type quickly. The majority of office based workers make a living from their computer and their keyboarding abilities determine their efficiency and earnings, as the quicker they type, the greater their productivity. When you learn touch typing, speed and accuracy gradually develop and as a touch typist, you open up a vast array of different job opportunities. 


Are you aware of the jobs that demand fast typing skills?




What are the Jobs that Require You to Type Fast?




To be a professional typist, you need to be exceptionally fast as well as accurate whilst typing. 55 to 90 words per minute is considered good. You will need to write reports, answer correspondence and type assigned content into a variety of specified formats. You should be able to type text from printed or handwritten text and in some cases, from audio files. Usually after working as a typist, promotions lead to senior administrative positions or you can rise through secretarial /P.A. ranks easily.




This job profile demands far greater accuracy as opposed to just speed in typing. You should have excellent listening skills and an extensive knowledge on the subject being transcribed, so as to not commit typos. As a transcriber or audio typist, you have to type as you listen from a tape or recording. A wide variety of fields, including law, medicine and the audiovisual industry require transcriptionists.




Data Entry Specialist


Being a skilled typist, you can also apply for a variety of data entry jobs. Big firms recruit data entry ‘clerks’ to input data to databases, systems and programs. This profession usually requires other administrative skills. Apart from keyboarding skills, you should have consistency, attention to detail and a goal-oriented attitude in order to meet daily targets. 


Closed Caption and Subtitle Writer


The subtitle is a written text which accompanies audio-visual, broadcasts on TV, movie or online. As a sub-titlist, you are likely to work with freelance contractors and media/television production companies. Earnings can be high in this field if you have excellent editing abilities. Closed captioning involves typing for the hearing impaired / deaf audience. Several TV and media production companies offer online and offline closed captioning opportunities. Salaries are good for both sub - titlists and closed captioning professionals.




Typing skills are an essential tool for all successful journalists or reporters. Although fast typing is not a prerequisite to be a journalist or reporter, it does improve your productivity and allows you to focus on other important aspects, such as creative writing. Additionally, if you love writing, you can also blog. The faster you type, the more meaningful and productive the blogs you create will be. You are also less likely to make errors, creating a positive impression on those searching, reading and looking for bloggers.


Personal Assistant


A personal assistant is generally responsible for the smooth running of an office or a small company. It is a hugely stressful job profile but also very rewarding. You should be efficient in time management, delegating and overseeing work. This role generally induces stress and gives little to no time to relax, whilst at work. By learning touch typing, you can easily type at 60 words per minute and when you can type quickly, daily tasks are accomplished quickly and on time, helping you in your role as a successful personal assistant.


Virtual Assistant 


Virtual assistants need to be flexible in all areas of office work and must be able to compete from an outsourced skill pool as well as with in-house assistants. From email communication, to writing, editing and data entry, you should be able to handle various activities simultaneously. To work efficiently as a virtual assistant, you need to type fast.






These days, translators use advanced software to increase productivity but fast typing skills still give you an edge over other candidates. Learning to touch type boosts productivity and enables you to keep up as the skill is automatised.


Web Designer/Developer


IT professionals should be able to type at a minimum of 45 words in a minute. Efficient typing skills allow creativity in web designing and/or programming. If you are considering the web design and/or programming development sector, then nurture your typing skills and stay ahead of other professionals, both entering and within the industry.




Chat Agent

Typing is a pre-requisite as a chatting agent. Large companies with customer service departments and online stores hire chat agents to communicate with their customers. As a chat agent, you need to be adaptive and be able to serve numerous customers daily. 

This type of job is flexible and can often be worked from the comfort of your home.


Besides these job profiles, learning to touch type will also help you in your every daily life and with regular practice, you can easily increase your speed and excel in which ever is your chosen professional field. 





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