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  • 'No expiry' licence timescale

  • Individual or multiple testing feature

  • Personalised test - branded with your company’s name and logo

  • US or UK (vocabulary and keyboard) - select your preference for each user

  • Simple to set up, assess and review - all from the touch of a button

Pre or post employment testing to determine if your staff need typing skills training.

  • Why limit your
    candidate choice?

    Recruit objectively and verify candidate’s typing speed and accuracy with our simple and easy to use mainstream and neurodiverse typing test.

  • Simple to use

    Our comprehensive and user friendly admin panel will allow you to set up individual tests, upload and send multiple tests in minutes and monitor results in real time.

  • Increase efficiency &

    Test and Train. Fast and accurate typing skills saves time and increases productivity. Additionally, subconscious touch typing allows multi-tasking.

  • Personalised test

    Brand tests with your company’s name and logo. Choose between US or UK vocabulary and keyboard.

KAZ Typing Test

KAZ Typing Test has been designed to verify an individual's typing speed and accuracy.

It is the only inclusive typing test on the market, allowing you to test mainstream candidates, as well as candidates with one or a combination of the following neurological differences: Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD, Tourettes, amongst others.

Incorporating a unique preference screen, developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust, it addresses visual disturbances. This ensures candidates can read the sample text comfortably before commencing the test.

Each licence contains an ‘admin panel’, which allows the administrator to create groups/departments, upload their company name & logo and monitor results.

They can also create additional administrators, who will have responsibility for testing their own candidates.

Tests can be conducted in two ways:

1. In-house, on company computers by simply notifying employees/ candidates of the Logon Link, ID and password. (This is suitable when sending links by email is not practicable i.e. when interviewing or when testing as a centre.)

2. On or Off-site testing, via an email link. Administrators simply copy the embedded link into their emails and instruct all candidates/staff to click the link to take the test.

In both the above options, candidates will enter their personal details and reference their administrator / department.

Once the test is finished, all results will be updated in real time to the admin panel.

If there are multiple administrators, as in the case of large corporations or recruitment companies, it is important that you set up departments or groups for ease of monitoring results.

The following information is requested by all candidates and recorded in the admin panel:

Name of Candidate
Email address/ Dept. ID of candidate taking the test
Department authorising the test
Select the Administrator from the dropdown menu
Select the keyboard (UK or US keyboard) from the dropdown menu

The test is presented in a simple and efficient format and when ready to commence the assessment, the candidate simply needs to start typing. The count will only begin once they start typing. A continuous text will be presented for a duration of 3 minutes, where they will type against the clock.

Once completed, the program will automatically stop counting keystrokes and the test will end.

The candidate will not be notified of their result and should simply log off.

Results recorded are for Speed (wpm) and Accuracy (%) and can be viewed by the administrator in their ‘Admin Panel’.

Please remember typing is a skill which is easily and in-expensively learned. If the right candidate presents him/her self - train them. Teach them a 'life skill’.

All our licences come without an expiry date but should you need to increase your licence, either contact us or buy a new licence via our web shop.

Typing test FAQ

I’ve been told that the test doesn't work when the user has clicked on the email link?

Check the caps lock is off and make sure the user is being tested with the correct keyboard. Our tests will work on all browsers but especially suited to Chrome, Safari and IE

I made a mistake and want to take the test again ?

Simply send another email / issue a second test.

Can I delete an unused test?

If a test has not been used - simply deleting it from your admin panel will re-instate it to your account and your balance will increase accordingly.

I have been told the test is not recognising the characters on the keyboard?

Make sure your candidate is using the correct keyboard for the test allocated. USA/ International users have a different keyboard so will need the US test.

I want to purchase some tests but I’d like to try it out first?

Sure, no problem - just send us an email with your business info and details and we will set you up with a free trial license.

Can I use the test in my office or as a centre?

Yes, this feature is now available.

How does the test centre option work?

You will simply ask candidates to log into your portal using a password and email address. They will sign in, take the test and you will be notified in your admin panel. You can change the password easily in your admin panel as often as necessary.

Why is there a ‘No Audio’ button?

So the program can be used in quiet working environments.

Will the program work on my windows 10 PC or my new Mac OS?

As it is browser based, yes and all previous versions.

Prices and Licensing

Mobile friendly. All our products comprise both UK and North American options.
VAT added at checkout if applicable.
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