Home Edition - (Adult, Junior and Family Versions)

KAZ is probably the fastest way to learn to type and eliminates the need for tedious typing drills, mind numbing lessons and boring typing tests. Its unique and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING method teaches you how to touch type correctly in minutes instead of hours, and all in the comfort of your own home or chosen environment.

Choose between our Adult Version, Junior Version (with fun imagery, animation and age related vocabulary) and our cost effective, multiuser Family Edition.

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Education & Schools Edition

KAZ Typing Tutor's ACCELERATED LEARNING program is suitable for children from 6 years upwards. It's easy to install, use and monitor, and with a multi-sensory approach throughout, is special needs enabled. With motivational materials, a comprehensive teacher's administration pack and the ability to import the whole school database in minutes - its never been easier for teachers to administer, monitor and teach students how to type.

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Business Edition

Wherever businesses or organizations teach their employees to type - you will find KAZ Typing Tutor. Our PROFESSIONAL and patented keyboard training software offers ease of deployment and superfast results, due to its unique and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method.

See how KAZ's 'Learn to Touch Type in just 90 Minutes' can save your company more than 3000 pounds/dollars over the course of a year - and if you think that's good, multiply that figure by the number of your employees that use a keyboard.

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Guardian Angel - Protecting YOU against RSI

KAZ Guardian Angel is a specifically designed program, aimed at typists and intended to guard against RSI.

The program is intentionally lighthearted and unobtrusive, yet addresses the serious issue of RSI - its causes, symptoms and preventative measures.

It runs in the background of your computer, monitoring your keystrokes and mouse usage and offers short and long breaks at appropriate intervals, accompanied with passive exercises.


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