Acclerated learning

KAZ Junior Edition


EASY to use


Suitable for ages 6-11

Unique & proven teaching method

No boring repetitive exercises

The earlier a child begins, the easier it is for them to master a skill.

It has been proven that grasping the skill of touch typing at an early age helps engrain reading, writing and spelling to memory - supporting and enhancing all major literacy skills. With 'muscle memory', spellings become a series of finger movements and patters on a keyboard, reducing the likelihood of misspelling words.

The course consists of 5 simple modules :

(all of which are structured but include amusing imagery and animations - making learning fun)

1. Flying Start - (Explains how to use the course and the importance of correct posture)

2. The Basics - (Teaches the A-Z keys)

3. Just Do It - (Reinforces the A-Z keys)

4. And The Rest - (Teaches the Punctuation Keys)

5. SpeedBuilder - (Is a simple, fun, yet discreetly challenging module, increasing speed and accuracy)

Once the first phrase is completed, a real sense of achievement is gained, motivating the child to continue onto the next phrase and so on.

Each section offers encouragement and instruction in short lessons in order to hold interest and concentration.

The child is allowed to progress at their own pace, acquiring the skill and gaining speed and accuracy without even realising it.

Special Needs Enabled

With a multi-sensory approach throught - KAZ is also special needs enabled.

KAZ has proven so effective in teaching children, that it is now used in hundreds of schools around the world.

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