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KAZ Junior Edition

  • Award winning typing tutor

  • Easy, fun & engaging

  • Suitable for ages 6-11

  • Unique & proven teaching method

  • No boring repetitive exercises

KAZ’s Junior touch typing program was developed to instil confidence and teach little fingers how to type in a structured but fun way. It uses only ‘real words’, age related vocabulary and amusing imagery and animation.

Why teach your child to type?

  • Give them a head start...

    As parents, we are always striving to give our children a head start. Teaching them to type correctly will familiarise them with the keyboard and prepare them for today’s IT world.

  • Free their conscious minds...

    The ‘subconscious’ skill of touch typing will free your child’s ‘conscious’ mind, allowing them to focus on creative writing or the task at hand. An invaluable asset.

  • Prepare them for the future...

    As not all schools teach typing, equipping your child with efficient typing skills will make life much easier at school and in further education, where assignments often need to be submitted in typed format.

  • Keep them safe...

    In KAZ’s module on posture, KAZ bird will demonstrate, in a light-hearted fashion, the correct way to sit at the computer and avoid RSI

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KAZ Junior Edition (Ages 6-11)

The earlier a child begins, the easier it is for them to master a skill.

Touch typing at an early age can help engrain reading, writing and spelling to memory - supporting and enhancing all major literacy skills.

KAZ has proven so effective in teaching children, that it is now used in hundreds of schools around the world.

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