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Product Tested By Lillian Herridge – Amy & Lucile 8 & 10 Years

Lilian Awarded The KAZ Typing Tutor (Standard Edition) Junior Edition 5/5

With 2 daughters who are always on the computer writing and preparing tasks for school this seemed like the perfect product for them to try. The website is easy to use and navigate and the Junior edition took them both through each step and explained everything clearly. I must admit I was not award of KAZ typing products prior to the review.The set up and process of organising everything online was easy for my daughters. Well they are computer savvy from an early age now.


It is all available online and my daughters would just go through each stage. The instructions are very clear and easy enough to follow. You can also opt for sound and this made it easier for the girls to follow. This offers you a getting started section and also you obtain a review of your progress.My daughters did not encounter any problems using this online programme. The whole programme outlines how to begin, the keyboard and how to position your fingers on the keyboard. The programme starts them off with simple excercises and they could take their time at each stage. A really good programme which allows each child to learn at the pace that suits them. I have seen a real difference in their typing skills now which makes it easier and quicker for both my daughters to prepare various essays etc for themselves or school work. It has also increased confidence on the keyboard and no longer just using 2 fingers. Now they have this to work with I know their typing skills will continue to improve.This is good quality, easy for children to use and lets them go at their own pace which is so important. This is certainly really good value and I am surprised this is not in more schools. A great product which is child friendly and easy to follow. Now my daughters are confident using keyboard on our home computers and they will only continue to improve their skills. A great product and I would highly recommend.Excellent value for money, easy to navigate website, easy to learn and results are great. For anyone who want’s to help children learn how to type with confidence this is a good investment. My girls loved it. Lillian Herridge – Amy & Lucile 8 & 10 Years.

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