Invigilator guidelines for schools and businesses

The invigilator is responsible for upholding the integrity of the external assessment and ensuring proper conduct of the examination. The invigilator must also ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities.

Responsibilities of the Invigilator

Before the external assessment, the invigilator must arrive in good time to ensure that:-
During the assessment, the invigilator must:-
Certification Procedure

On successfully achieving the set pass mark, the candidate will automatically receive a congratulatory message and once you ‘Generate the Certificate’ in your admin panel, they will be emailed a co-branded digital Certificate and a digital credential badge to showcase their quality skill externally via the web – i.e. social media profiles, C.V.’s and job application forms. This badge may take up to 28 days to be emailed, as it is dependent on the City & Guilds processing department. Should you / the candidate wish to purchase a hard copy of their certificate, you / they will need to purchase it via the KAZ Web shop.

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