Invigilation Guide for
Education & Business Establishments

KAZ is committed to ensuring that all education and business establishments administering controlled assessments do so consistently and securely, supporting the management of standards and the integrity of the assessment process.

A controlled assessment is an assessment of learning outcomes where the supervision of candidates’ assessment is required. Controlled assessments may cover a range of assessment methods: practical tasks, written questions, multiple choice, True/False, short scenario questions and knowledge assessment tasks.


An invigilator is an independent person responsible for conducting and supervising a particular assessment session

The establishment hosting the assessment must have systems and checks in place to ensure that the invigilator is not someone who has a personal interest in the result of the assessment

The invigilator cannot be a current learner at the establishment or any relative, friend or peer of a candidate in the assessment room

Invigilators must become familiar with the requirements of the invigilator’s role as below and sign an online declaration that they will uphold the integrity of the external assessment and ensure proper conduct of the examination

Invigilated Environments for Online Assessments

(Individual candidates or by cohort)

Role of the Invigilator

The invigilator is responsible for upholding the integrity of the external assessment and ensuring the safe and proper conduct of the examination

The invigilator must ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities

Responsibilities of the Invigilator

Before the external assessment, the invigilator must arrive in good time to ensure:

The assessment room is correctly set up, with a sign on the outside indicating an examination is in progress

They are aware of the location of all fire exits for the venue

They are aware of the location of the nearest toilet

The seating plan is appropriate

All computers are in place, in good working order, and an e-Learning technologist is present or at hand to convene should any technical issues arise. Spare computers must be available in the room should they be required

A large and reliable clock is visible to all candidates

The examination entry and absentee list are filled in, and conduct adequate checks confirming candidates’ identity

Any unauthorised items/materials/equipment, including mobile phones (switched off) and smart watches, removed and placed out of reach of candidates

They are equipped with a mobile phone (switched to silent) should a situation arise where they need to summon assistance without the need to leave the room. All incidents should be recorded and reported

All appropriate reasonable adjustments are in place for candidates with particular assessment requirements

Establishments should inform invigilators of all reasonable adjustments for candidates with particular requirements before the assessment date

During the assessment, the invigilator must:

Supervise candidates, giving complete attention to their duties whilst the examination is in progress

Be vigilant and remain aware of emerging situations, looking out for malpractice or candidates who may be feeling unwell. Any irregularities must be recorded and reported

Move around the assessment room quietly and at frequent intervals

Not carry out any other task (e.g. reading a book or marking) during the assessment

Ending the assessment

The invigilator must give sufficient notice to candidates by providing a five-minute warning before the scheduled finish time

The online platform will also flash five minutes before the end of the assessment

At the end of the assessment, access to the screen will close, and the candidate will not be able to add any further responses

Certification Procedure

On successfully passing both modules, candidates will automatically receive a congratulatory message. Once verified by Open Awards (14 days), an Ofqual regulated digital certificate confirming the qualification will be:

Remotely invigilated individuals – emailed directly.

Invigilated environments – uploaded to admin panels for administrators to either print or email to candidates.

Hard copy certificates
Please note that hard copy certificates will incur an additional charge. Please get in touch with the KAZ team for further details.

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