The problem with Fake News and 'Trust'


The problem with Fake News and 'Trust' 


Do any of the following statements appear on the websites you are browsing or looking to buy from?


'The most trusted typing tutor…'

'We never give out your details…'

'Guaranteed confidentiality…'

'The best typing tutor comparison sites…'



It’s a competitive world out there and we all want our products to sell. 

New products are launched daily and everyone is fighting for market share.

However, a recent phenomenon called ‘Fake News’ has brought to light bad practise happening in the world today.


Why would people do that? I remember a simpler time when we would all buy our products at a store. We actually bought the physical product, paid for it there and then and took it away with us.  


So what’s changed? Well, from a shopping perspective, the Internet for the main part - the shops are still there but now struggling to cope with the choice offered by internet shopping.

We don’t have to go to the high street anymore, we can browse all the shops online and make a well thought out purchase without any pressure, hard sales talk and in the comfort of our own surroundings but…take note!


The online ‘shop’ needs to keep you there! They gain your attention with the use of Google Adwords, google/yahoo/bing page 1 placement or from traditional advertising.

There are no high pressure sales as such… but ease of purchase, and the use of words such as Trusted, Guaranteed are just some of the subliminal high pressure vocabulary / words used to gain trust!


As an online consumer, you need to be very aware when purchasing. Most 'bona fide’ companies will offer tech support and alternatives should you not be entirely happy.

In the case of software - inevitably by you activating the software means it is non-returnable or refundable!


You must research the company, read the testimonials and look at their exposure around the world. Do they follow official government guidelines and most importantly do they publish this information on their website - which must be verifiable?

If a company says they will not sell your email address… how can you guarantee that? What if your children will be using the course? Would you take the word of a stranger? Would you ever know? Do you get advertising emails appearing from out of nowhere in your inbox from companies you’ve never heard of? 


Some schools use free typing tutors, where free training is provided. How can companies do this and more importantly, why would they do this for free? 


Here at KAZ, we do not make empty promises or gain trust with fake news or worthless comments. We strictly follow rules. Our privacy and data policy is always displayed on our website. All our testimonials and research are published on our website for all to see.


We are officially recognised as Apple and Microsoft developers and our details are published on our website for all to see and verify.


Trust should be earned and not assumed. Our products are trusted and used by governments in the UK and US, in Schools, Businesses and Homes worldwide. Check our course for yourself on the UK’s Learndirect site, on OpenSesame and on Reeds.

Once a license is deleted - it really is deleted! We do not hold email addresses or client information for any reason. An email is automatically sent from our system, 15 days prior to expiry, offering the user the opportunity to extend their license. 


No pressure and No hassle - KAZ -  an educational provider that is Tried and Trusted, using a method that is Proven.


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