KAZ Vs The Competition


Teachers, Senco’s, Assessors: “What’s the difference between KAZ and its competitors?”


This is a question we often get asked at conferences, exhibitions and via email. Our teachers, senco’s and assessors and under so much pressure to deliver services that there is often just not enough time in the day to research, test and spend valuable time looking over websites.



Firstly, can you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions:


Is your current course and supplier…


1. … Recognised as a Bett Awards Finalist 2019 for Special Education Needs solutions category? - (The aim of the award is to reward products that make a distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs). 


2. …CPD Accredited?


3. …City & Guilds Assured?


4. …Developed with the Dyslexia Research Trust?


5. …Uses an Accelerated Learning teaching method? 


6. …Affiliated with the British Dyslexia Association, NUS, Classlink, RMUnify, American  Dyslexia Association…


7. … Have different editions to suit different age groups?


8. … Approved by DSA and Student Finance England?


You may have answered ‘Yes’ to one or two points from the above but not to all - KAZ ticks a ‘Yes’ to all of the above and this is how we differ.


Point 1. KAZ is the only  typing tutor to be shortlisted as a Bett Awards Finalist 2019.

This is the second time KAZ has been shortlisted as a Bett award finalists. Initially in 2006 and now again in 2019.


Point 2. We are accredited with the CPD Standards Office.


Point 3. We are the first typing tutor to be City & Guilds Assured. All successful candidates (ages 15+) will be awarded with a digital certificate and badge to showcase on their social media profiles, CVs and job applications.


Point 4. KAZ was developed with help and guidance from Dr. Sue Fowler and her team at the Dyslexia Research Trust. We were given access to their research which led to the development of our unique ©Preference Screen. 


Other providers may offer a small selection of filters but none offer Dyslexia Research Trust research basedfilters, nor a selection of dyslexia friendly typefaces (including licensed fonts), nor font colours, font sizes or online Keyboard selections.


Our unique ©Preference Screen allows each individual user to tailor make the course to suit their visibility comfort. 


Users are able to: 


Change their filter colour to those researched by the DRT,

Change their typefaces from a selection of dyslexia friendly typefaces (including licensed fonts), Change their font colour, 

Change their font size and finally,

Change their visual online keyboard. (White letters on a black background, black letters on white background or black letters on the chosen filter background.)




Additionally, letter and line spacing has been adjusted throughout. The course also offers a ‘Text Only’ version, for the hearing impaired and an ‘Audio Descriptive’ version with ‘Speaking Keys’, for the visually impaired.


Point 5. Our proven accelerated learning teaching method, incorporating both ‘brain balance’ and ‘muscle memory uses 5 scientifically structured phrases and teaches the fingers of both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously - a direct result of both hemispheres of the brain working at the same time, allowing spelling to become a series of finger movements and patterns on a keyboard - dramatically reducing the likelihood of misspelling or transposing words.

Our method allows the student to work at their own pace throughout the course, allowing them to return to any module, at any time should they wish to refresh. Additionally, they are not expected to achieve a certain word per minute in order to progress through the course, unlike some of our competitors.


Our aim is to teach typing skills in a light hearted manner and in the shortest timeframe - ‘Accelerated learning’.

We do not include gaming as it has been proven to split focus and concentration and delay learning.



Point 6,7,8…  Yes to all and more…


Lastly, what about price?


Our individual Online edition is only £/$25 and a download version, which offers a 10 year license for pc/mac is only £/$39.95.


Our Schools online edition licenses starts at just £/$90 inclusive of VAT.

We do not charge monthly fees - just a one-off annual license at an affordable price in order to cater for all budgets.


Sheraleen Braganza, a former RGN nurse, has been an active lobbyist for all children and young adults fulfilling their potential. She has actually worked in the SEND community and understands just how valuable assistive technology can be. It is with this in mind that KAZ’s Neurodiverse edition was developed with the Dyslexia Research Trust and then further with City & Guilds - providing students with an invaluable ‘life skill’ and a validated course.


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