KAZ were invited to be a part of the GREAT BRITISH CLASSROOM - a 'LIVE CLASSROOM' event at BETTASIA 2017, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Taylor's International School, one of our KL based schools, happily showcased our typing tutor. With a mix of students, both our Standard and SEN/Dyslexia products were showcased. Thank you to Mr Iain Stevens and Ms. Cheryl for explaining to all the viewers and audience about the course and of course to all the children who showcased their new talents. They were all at different stages with those who had already completed the course typing and talking to each other! All sat correctly, with good posture and typed whilst looking at the screen and not their fingers! - WELL DONE CHILDREN. Please look out for our video highlights being uploaded soon in the Education section of out website.


KAZ to exhibit at CEC 61st Annual Special Education Conference November 24-25 2017


KAZ to exhibit at CEC 61st Annual Special Education Conference November 24-25 2017

Please come and meet Brian and find out why our new SEN/Dyslexia edition is getting such fantastic reviews.

Full range of specialised SEN/Dyslexia download products now available.


Our new range of SEN/Dyslexia typing tutors were specifically developed with advice and guidance from the Dyslexia Research Trust to teach typing skills whilst minimising disturbances related to visual stress by means of our unique © 'Preference Screen'.

We hope our new product will help millions of SEN/Dyslexic individuals worldwide learn this invaluable life skill.

Education Today OCTOBER 2017


Read the full article in 'The Industry’s leading publication for news and product information for over 25 years'

TES Show 2017


Thank you to everyone who visited us at TES - it was nice to put faces to names of teachers at some of our schools and great to showcase our new SEN/Dyslexia edition to so many. The stand was busy but we hope we made time for everyone. If not, please email or ring us for a chat.

Many thanks - The KAZ Team.

Confirmed KAZ at Best Asia 15-16 November 2017


KAZ will be exhibiting in the UK Pavilion at Bett Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 15-16th November.

Please come and see our new Dyslexia editon being demonstrated in the Live Classroom.

As time at the show is limited please book appointments in advance.


KAZ in the NEWS


See articles on KAZ in current magazines and watch out for us in forthcoming exhibitions.

Tes SEN Show - 6-7th October 2017


Come and join us at STAND 60 in the Business Design Centre, London N1 on the 6th and 7th October.

We will be showcasing our new SEN/Dyslexia edition.

Guardian Angel ready to help and protect.


Our much awaited and highly respected KAZ Guardian Angel RSI protector, which has been updated with new imagery and features is now available.

For serious typists and for those who use the keyboard a lot, this is a must have product, which will monitor and advise breaks and good posture. Please use the program sensibly and avoid skipping the short and long breaks - remember, it is designed to help you. KAZ Guardian Angel is adaptive and has been designed with the typist in mind. So, if you are not typing or typing at less than 15wpm, breaks will not be initiated.

Along with the use of this product, we urge all our users to read our infomation guide and learn about the necessity of good posture and other RSI preventative measures.

The KAZ Team

Homeschool Edition Now ready - just in time for the HOLIDAYS!


There's NO REASON why your kids shouldn't be ready for the NEW SCHOOL YEAR with our NEW Online and Download versions.

Calling all Teachers and Homeschooling mums - we know the summer is long and can get a bit trying! So why not set the kids a goal of learning to touch type over the holidays? Break our course down and let them learn just one of the 5 phrases a day and they'll be typing correctly inside a week. However, we're sure that once they learn the first phrase, they just won't want to stop and after a few weeks, with a bit of practise ...

Just think, Emails, School and Course work all typed quicker than it would take to write it by hand and your kids prepared for later life -  A life skill gained during the holidays - that's what forward thinking parents and educators do!

Download Files Released


We are pleased to finally announce the launch of our new download files for Adult, Junior and Family.

To all our customers who pre-ordered - thank you for your patience. The KAZ Team.

Where to find KAZ


KAZ can be found in numerous publications and organisations around the world.


Our courses are offered with both UK and US accents, keyboards and vocabulary.

Find our courses on the UK government's Learndirect, Hotcourses (UK), OpenSesame (US), Logical Operations (US) and numerous other course providers. Find us in Businesses, Schools, Colleges, Universities and at Home. Available Online or as a Download.

See and follow our campaigns on UCAS, SEN magazine, Education Today, BETT, All4kids and many more.

We are continually developing products to help all our users. Our new SEN/Dyslexia edition - developed with the help and guidance of Dr. Sue Fowler and her team at the Dyslexic Research Trust - Reading clinic / Oxford University, teaches typing skills whilst minimising disturbances related to visual stress.

Why choose KAZ - it's fast, it works and is suitable for all.

SEN/Dyslexia Edition finally launched


Finally, after much waiting and anticipation our SEN/Dyslexia edition of KAZ is now live. Availabe at no extra charge to our Home users and as a free option in our Education and Business licenses.

Developed with the help and guidance of Dr. Sue Fowler and her teams at the Dyslexia Research Trust in Reading and Oxford, the SEN/Dyslexia editon of KAZ Typing Tutor addresses the issues related to visual stress, suffered by SEN/Dyslexic users. The combination of KAZ’s multi-sensory, unique teaching method, combined with our new ‘Preference Screen’ ©, offering a choice of coloured backgrounds / filter screens, typefaces (including specialty typefaces), font colour, font size, keyboard and speaking keys - delivers a student tailored, simple yet dynamic course.

DIT Invite KAZ To The Midlands Engine Trade Summit


The Midlands Engine Strategy is a demonstration of the government’s commitment to making the Midlands a powerful engine for economic growth. Stretching from Shropshire to Lincolnshire, with the M1, M6, and most of our major railway lines running through it, the Midlands sits at the very heart of the UK economy.

Bett 2017 - A great success!


Thank you to everyone who visited us at Bett and for the wonderful response to our new program.

BETT 2017 STAND B482 - ExCel Centre, London


Come and say 'Hi' - We're all set up and ready for Bett 2017.

We're launching our new HTML5 Online program with all new imagery and animations. There really has never been a better time to get KAZ.


KAZ Wins ‘Bizziebaby’ Silver Award For Educational Aids For Adults


'bizziebaby' Silver Award

Gove’s Curriculum Reform – ‘Who Cares About The Capital Of Peru If Children Can’t Touch Type?' -Josephine Fairley, Daily Telegraph


“Businesses don't care if school leavers can recite the past kings and queens of England, or the capitals of far-gone places, if they can't type", says Josephine Fairley, who wants touch typing to be on the mandatory national curriculum.

KAZ Typing Tutor Proves Successful


KAZ Typing Tutor proves successful at Mary Hare School – School for children with auditory/oral impairments.

After Extensive Research The Open University Select KAZ


"The Student Research Centre is part of the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology. The main work of the Centre is, firstly, to evaluate the Open University’s courses and learning materials, and secondly, to carry out research into all aspects of students’ experiences of learning as adult distance learners. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are used in these areas.

The aim of the Centre’s work is to improve the quality of the Open University’s teaching materials and teaching system, and to raise awareness of the effects on students of university policy decisions and of different forms of course provision.


The positive results of the surveys lead us to recommend that:

• The KAZ software should be provided for S103 students in future presentations of the course. The benefits in terms of improved keyboard skills for those who were initially less experienced appear to justify the relatively small cost to the University for licensing the software for distribution on one of the course CD-ROMs.

• Consideration should be given to sending the CD-ROM that includes the KAZ software earlier so that students have plenty of time to use it before the workload on the course builds up.

• Other units and course teams consider whether the KAZ software should be sent to students studying other entry-level courses."

Touch Typing Makes The Top 20 Of Essential Life Skills


Daily Mail

Touch Typing – ‘A Modern Life Skill’


Daily Express

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