Accelerated Learning

Kaz Family Edition

  • Includes both Adult and Junior versions

  • 5 licences for the price of 3

  • Fun & engaging for the whole family

  • Suitable for ages 6+

  • Admin panel to monitor progress

  • Retrains fingers to get rid of bad habits

KAZ’s Family edition was designed as an economical solution for parents to teach the whole family to type.

The KAZ method has proven so effective that it is now used by millions around the world.

KAZ Family Edition

This edition includes both Adult and Junior versions, incorporating age related vocabulary, phrases and imagery, allowing family members to progress when they are ready. Using KAZ’s award winning and proven teaching method, the program teaches typing skills in a structured but light hearted manner, equipping the whole family with a ‘skill for life’.

The Edition:

  • Uses a unique ‘accelerated learning’ teaching method - a ‘total system’ for speeding up and enhancing the learning process
  • Uses ‘brain balance’ - engaging the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective
  • Uses specific combinations and progressions of real words, in 5 fun and easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases to teach the A-Z keys
  • Uses ‘muscle memory’ - where spellings become a series of finger movements and patterns on a keyboard, reducing the likelihood of mis-spelling words
  • Does not include boring and repetitive exercises - just short modules, designed to keep focus and concentration
  • Trains the fingers of both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously - no other typing tutor works in this way
  • If you are already a typist, KAZ eliminates bad habits and retrains the fingers to type correctly

Online Edition

  • Includes 5 annual online licences + an Administrator’s Panel
  • Ensures peace of mind for parents, knowing all data is secure
  • Can be accessed wherever there is an internet signal - home, work, holiday
  • Each family member has a choice of either Adult or Junior versions
  • Features the same course and reporting structure, as used by schools

Download Edition:

  • Includes 5 download licenses with free updates
  • 10 year licence, registered to the machine to which it has been installed and includes one year free help and support
  • No internet access required once downloaded and installed to your Mac or PC
  • Each family member has a choice of either Adult or Junior versions
  • Should your computer or hard drive crash, simply download the file again. You will not need to re-register your product

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