Special Educational Needs

Every individual, child and adult deserves a chance to succeed.

We at KAZ keep the needs of all our students in mind at all times and are constantly striving to make our site and program accessible to all.

If requiring special educational needs, we feel it is only right to equip students with the correct tools to help put them on a more even standing – giving them a greater chance to reach their full potential.

KAZ Typing Tutor was specially adapted by experts in their field to meet the needs of individuals with special educational needs. Through the skill of touch typing, their objective was to introduce students to a new accessible academic world they could cope in and even excel with confidence and pride.

Through trials and feedback from special needs teachers across the world, it has been PROVEN that touch typing is a formidable and life changing tool that opens doors for individuals with special educational needs, as it presents them with a new and powerful medium for learning and communicating.

What are the Benefits of Touch Typing?

Handwriting and producing a piece of work can present extremely challenging difficulties for special needs students and is a commonly disliked task. The level of concentration and effort involved can be exhausting and can affect the overall structure and quality of a piece of work.
The skill of touch typing can eliminate many of these challenges and frustrations and early acquisition familiarises students with the keyboard, allowing them to fully appreciate the tools available to them through touch typing and using a computer.


1. The need for neat handwriting is no longer a priority.

2. Errors can be easily corrected without messy crossings out, resulting in neat and presentable work.

3. Spell checkers highlight mistakes and offer alternatives.

4. Reassurance with the above boosts confidence, promoting experimentation with vocabulary and spelling and allows concentration to be focused on content.

5. Quick and accurate touch typing can reduce the amount of time spent on a piece of work and often increases the amount of work produced.

6. Physical dexterity is enhanced, helping handwriting skills.

7. Grasping the skill at an early age helps engrain reading, spelling and vocabulary to memory. With ‘muscle memory’, spellings become a series of finger movements and patters on a keyboard, reducing the likelihood of transposing or misspelling words.

8. The working memory is not overloaded. Students can work at their own pace in a non-linear fashion, where they can process their thoughts first and structure them later.

Revolutionary Teaching Method Especially Effective with Special Needs Students

In order for students to want to study, the whole approach and process towards study has got to be one of ease. KAZ Typing Tutor is presented with a lighthearded approach, so that learning is enjoyable. It successfuly manages to combine a focused teaching technique with amusing imagery and animation.

Our unique and patented ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method uses ‘brain balance’, i.e. It engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall, which is why it is so effective. Using specific combinations and progressions of just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, its PROVEN method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously, whilst teaching the A-Z keys. No other typing tutor works in this way.

The program has a multi-sensory approach throughout – a simple, fresh and uncluttered presentation style, both written and spoken instruction, an easy to read typeface, use of clear and simple grammar, high foreground and background colour contrast and provision of ‘speaking keys’ option covering the A-Z keys.

The course consists of 5 modules :-

1. Flying Start - (An introduction to the course - simple and consistent site navigation)

2. The Basics - (5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases teaching the A-Z keys)

3. Just Do It - (A-Z keys reinforced)

4. And The Rest - (Punctuation Keys)

5. SpeedBuilder - (Simple, yet discretely challenging module , increasing speed and accuracy)

Once the first phrase is completed, a real sense of achievement is gained, motivating the student to continue onto the next phrase and so on. Each section offers encouragement and instruction in short lessons to avoid overloading the working memory and to hold interest and concentration. The student is allowed to progress at their own pace, acquiring the skill and gaining speed and accuracy without even realizing it. The program solely focuses on teaching typing. It does not try to teach typing with other subje such as English, as this just splits concentration and once again overloads the working memory.

Our method is tried, tested and PROVEN and used to teach thousands of special needs children around the world.


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