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The EXPERT Team that Developed the
KAZ Program

KAZ Typing Tutor uses a unique and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method and was scientifically developed by the same course team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses - trialled and used by 18,000 students per year in private training centres across the United Kingdom.

At the leading edge of educational technology, this revolutionary and patented method was designed to teach students to type easily, efficiently and effortlessly, in just 90 minutes.

'SEN/Dyslexia editon - Our award winning program was futher developed with the help and guidance of Dr. Sue Fowler and her team at the Dyslexia Research Trust, Reading Clinic and Oxford University.'


ACCELERATED LEARNING is the most advanced teaching and learning method in use today. It is a 'total system' for speeding up and enhancing both the design and learning processes. Based on the latest brain research, it has been proven time and again to increase learning effectiveness.

Followers of Neuro Linguistic Programming will recognise that KAZ's unique and patented ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method uses 'brain balance' i.e. it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective.

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The UK's prestigious Open University carried out a year-long student research trial on their largest course group. KAZ's learning method proved so effective and successful for their students, who were always short on study time, that they provided KAZ Typing Tutor to all OU students and tutors.

Some of the Prestigious Organisations that have benefitted from KAZ :-

A2 Dominion Group Aberdeen College, AgrEvo UK Limited , Alert1 USA , Allen and Overy , Alton College , Amersham & Wycombe College, Amplicon Lineline Limited , ANZ Bank, Audit Commission , Avon & Wiltshire NHS , BAA , BT, Barnet College , Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Partnership NHS , Blackburn College , Bradford NHS Trust , Brighton and Hove City PCT , British Aerospace Defence Systems , British Airways Holidays , Busch UK Limited , Cambridge County Council , Carey Olsen , Child Support Agency , Chiswell Associates Ltd, Cleveland Police Authority , Commission for Racial Equality , Conwy Borough Council , Cricklade College , Cumbria County Council , DTI , Denbighshire Social Services , Department of Education and Skills, Department for Work & Pensions, Derbyshire County Council , Disney Online Studios , Canada , Drivers Licence Agency , Dundee City Council , Eagle Star , Eastbourne College , Edinburgh's Telford College , Employment Service Call Centres , European Space Agency , Export Credit Guarantee Department , Foreign and Commonwealth Office , Four Seasons Resort Seychelles , Gallagher , GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare , Goodwill Industries of SE Wisconsin USA , Government Actuaries Department, Greenflag , Grimsby College , Hammersmith and Fulham PCT , Hastings College , Health and Safety Executive , Hillingdon PCT , IBM Ireland , Ikea , Immigration Advisory Service , Inclarity plc , Intel Ireland , Kent County Council , Lafayette Utilities USA , Lancaster and Morecambe College , , LearnDirect , Lloyd's , London Borough of Southwark , London Metropolitan Police , Manchester Social Services Department , Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency , Merseyside Police Training Centre , Mid Kent College , Miller Insurance Services , Milton Keynes FE College , Moat Housing , MOD , National Probation Service Teesside , Nationwide Building Society - Moulton Park , NCBI , NHBC , NNN Mental Health Trust , Northbrook College , Norton Rose Fulbright LLP , Norwich Union , Npower , OFGEM , Oxford City Council , P&O Cruises , Pfizer Limited , PGL Travel , Plymouth City Council (ALS) , Plymouth College of FE , Prime Health , RS Components , Raglan Housing , Rathbone Brothers PLC , Redhill College , Richmond & Twickenham Primary Care Trust , Rolls Royce , Royal British Legion Industries , Royal Sun Alliance , RSM Bentley Jennison , Saatchi & Saatchi (New Zealand) , Schroders , Scottish LearnDirect , Scottish Power , Sentura Group , Sony Music Entertainment , South Somerset District Council , Southampton City Council , Surrey County Council , StyleTech Architectural Hardware , TC Young , Telephones Helpline Association , Thames Water , The Army School of Recruiting , The British Council , The Environment Agency , The Open University , The Quality Assurance Agency , Thursfields Solicitors , Transport for London , TTT Moneycorp Limited , Turner Broadcasting , TWI Limited , UBT (EU) Limited , UK Atomic Energy , University College London , University of Brighton , University of Ulster , University of Warwick , West Mercia Youth Offending Service , West Sussex County Council , Whitesales LLC , Willis Croft & Co , Yeovil College

Over 1,000,000 people use KAZ

KAZ typing tutor was developed with backing from Private Equity firm 3i and because of this association, the method was trialled and tested by 18000+ students per year for 3 years, in 300 private training centres across the UK. Only when extraordinary results for learning typing skills were proven (93% of learners typing the a-z keys in just 90 minutes), was it released to the market.

Used by the UK's learndirect, Government departments, Learning providers, thousands of Schools, Businesses and Individuals worldwide.

Meet Some of the Team

  • Keene

    Head of Business

    With over 25 years experience in the business and commercial sector, Keene understands the importance and the difference efficiency can make on production and profitability in any company.

  • Sheraleen

    Head of Education

    A former RGN nurse and experienced with working with children and young adults in the SEND sector, Sheraleen has seen first hand the difference Assistive Technology can make and is passionate about youngsters of all ages and abilities reaching their full potential.

  • Steve

    Head of IT & Support

    With countless years of technical experience and a complete and thorough knowledge of the KAZ back office and program, Steve now heads and manages our IT and Support department.

'The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.'

Source:Tim-Bernars-Lee, W3g Director and inventor of the World Wide Web.

Why Choose KAZ?

  • Q. Why should I choose KAZ?

    A. It's probably the quickest and easiest way to learn to touch type. Our unique ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method, using just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, strategically composed and trademarked phrases, teaches the position of the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes - REVOLUTIONARY!

  • Q. Why are you called KAZ?

    A. KAZ stands for 'KEYBOARD A-Z'.

  • Q. Do you really have over 1 million users?

    A. YES, we have far in excess of 1 million licences outstanding at any one time. This takes into account the large organisations and government departments using KAZ on their own servers but not individual sales. FACT.

  • Q. Why haven't I heard of KAZ?

    A. Well, if you hadn't heard of us before - you have now! Millions of people in the UK, USA and around the world have come across KAZ at some point in their working lives, be it through education or at work. We have been focusing our marketing and resources on supplying these organisations across many different platforms for almost 20 years. Now it's your turn to experience KAZ.

  • Q. Why doesn't KAZ have any games in its program?

    A. Our research has shown that games, however appealing and interactive they may seem, actually splits focus and concentration. Learning to type correctly requires full concentration. KAZ is designed to teach the A-Z keys quickly and efficiently - in just 90 minutes.

  • Q. What is the difference between KAZ and other typing tutors?

    A. The difference is our unique, scientifically developed and patented ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method. We have been providing our software to Governments, Schools and Businesses worldwide for almost 20 years - it WORKS !

  • Q. Why should I pay for KAZ?

    A. There are several free typing tutors on the market but you will find they are filled with advertisements, pop-ups and other distractions - all of which interfere with the learning process, often resulting in frustration and reversion back to typing with two fingers. We have invested years of research and development in KAZ's ACCELERATED LEARNING method and because we are passionate about teaching typing, we are offering all this knowledge to you for less than the cost of a single driving lesson.

  • Q. Is KAZ really suitable for young children?

    A. Our research has shown that the earlier children learn to type the better. They show remarkable dexterity when using other types of keyboards (such as texting with mobile phones) and quickly familiarise themselves with the layout of the keyboard, learning fairly rapidly. Children are growing and developing muscle groups all the time and teaching correct hand and finger control at an early age will cement best practise for the rest of their lives. The more access they have to computers and keyboards, the quicker they learn good habits and build confidence.

  • Q. Can KAZ really teach you to type so quickly?

    A. Yes. Initial pre-lauch testing of over 18,000 students per annum, over a 3 year period, showed that the majority of students learned the A-Z keys in less than 90 minutes using KAZ's ACCELERATED LEARNING method. However, we strongly advise that when training children or SEN students, they are encouraged to work at their own pace. (The course is split into modules to accommodate this.)

  • Q. What does the CCC and AAA in the bar at the top of the home page stand for?

    A. These are site accessibility preferences. The AAA allows the viewer to increase the text size should they wish to. The C in the white box keeps the background screen colour white and allows standard viewing. The C in the cream coloured box changes the background screen colour to cream, reducing glare and is preferable for dyslexic viewers and the bright blue C in the black box changes the background screen colour to black and the text into various bright colours and is preferable for visually impaired viewers.

    It's Tried, Tested and Proven - it WORKS and is now available WORLDWIDE.

  • Q. Why don't you just allow advertising on your site and program and offer your product for free?

    A. We would be neglecting our principles. Typing requires full concentration. Adverts, pop-ups, banners etc. all distract and splits focus and concentration.

  • Q. We want to endorse your product - what do we do?

    A. Please just send us an email - 'Thank you!’

  • Q. Why don’t you get celebrity endorsement?

    A. We’re an educational company, and to cover the cost of celebrity endorsement we would have to significantly increase our prices. We want to equip everyone with a skill for life and ‘teach the world to type’ and to do this, ‘affordability' is key. Our business has built itself on a fantastic product, which is proven and works. Word of mouth is how we’ve got to where we are.

  • Q. Can I 'spread the word' on my social media account?

    A. We would love you to. Thank you.

  • Q. What about charity?

    A. We currently help and subsidise a number of institutions. However, if you are considering donating a product to your school or a school in your community, please contact us and we will make all the arrangements on your behalf.

  • Q. How do I know KAZ works?

    A. Well, the UK government's Learn Direct, thousands of schools and businesses across the world, as well as millions of individuals have used or currently use KAZ - read our testimonials. Our client list, along with our research is also displayed for you to read. Demand for our software is why it is available on such a wide variety of platforms: ranging from our Online e-learning platform (hosted in the cloud), via Scorm for integration into LMS, Intranet, CD, Download - for both PC and Mac, as Single sign on (SSO) on the RMUnify platform and for individual users.

  • Q. What is the main difference between your new SEN Dyslexia version and the original version of KAZ?

    A. The 'Preference Screen' which has been developed with help and guidance from The Dyslexia Research Trust - addressing issues related to visual stress.

  • Q. For Home use, how do I know which version to buy - Standard or SEN / Dyslexia?

    A. Although the original KAZ program is SEN enabled, the new SEN / Dyslexia edition has been further developed specifically for SEN / Dyslexic users - addressing issues related to visual stress. So, if you experience symptoms of visual stress then you should opt for the SEN / Dyslexia version.
    Still not sure?
    The SEN / Dyslexia version comprises the original version with extra additional features enabling the user to change the colour of backgrounds / filters, typeface, font colour, font size and keyboard style.

  • Q. Why is the price of the Standard and SEN / Dyslexia version the same?

    A. We believe that no-one should be penalised or charged extra simply because they need a little extra help.

  • Q. What makes you 'STAND OUT' from the rest?

    1. We will teach you the a-z keys in just 90 minutes*.
    2. Our accelerated learning teaching method, using muscle memory and brain balance, has been tried, tested and proven.
    3. Our software is mobile friendly i.e. works across all platforms; Mobiles, Tablets, ipads, Laptops, Mac’s and PC’s.
    4. No gimmicks or costly monthly payments. Just an affordable and fair price for a 'skill for life'. We do not hide our pricing. We believe in transparency.
    5. We are continually looking to innovate - we have just launched our SEN/Dyslexia version - at no extra charge to any of our users. We have other innovative products on their way.
    6. Gaming, however exciting or entertaining, splits concentration and simply delays or extends learning time. This is why KAZ is now the first choice for many and why schools and businesses prefer to use KAZ. Do it right the first time.
    7. Years of research has consitstently shown us that we must concentrate and focus on our strengths. After all, we only need your attention for 90 minutes!
    8. Security is very important to us and we know that it is for you too. Not only is our website fully secure (see our SSL certificate and padlock in the browser bar) but we have made all our courses secure too! - so, you never have to worry about you or your student’s information or data whilst using any of our Online courses.
    9. We were the first to use real words in our teaching method, the first to offer our products on such a wide range of platforms, the first on RMUnify, the first typing tutor on... - leading through innovation. Often copied but never bettered.
    10. Page 1 of google search website rankings without advertising.

  • Q. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

    A. Teaching the 'A-Z keys' in just 90 minutes - proven over 20 years. Initial testing of over 18,000 students/year for 3 years, showed that over 90% of users learned the A-Z keys in less than 90 minutes - yet another reason why we are still with the major learning course providers.

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