Kaz Typing Test for Business

Available Online or via SCORM 1.2 for LMS

For pre or post employment testing to determine if staff need typing skills training.

The only Mainstream and Neurodiverse pre and post employment Typing Test Assessment on the market allows you to 'test and train’ objectively, ensuring you never lose out on the best candidates.

KAZ Typing Test has been designed to verify an individual's typing speed and accuracy.

Each license contains an ‘admin panel’ and once activated, the administrator will be presented with a simple form requesting information needed for recording data and for sending invitation emails to candidates.

When the program is initiated, either through our Online cloud based server or via the organisation's in-house LMS compliant system, the business agent will be presented with a simple form requesting information needed for the testing and recording of data. The agent can send either individual emails or in bulk (for large scale testing) :

Name and Reference No. of candidate taking the test

Date Limit (if required)

UK or US keyboard

Email address (for sending a link to candidates sitting the assessment)

The test is presented in a simple and efficient format. The candidate is required to type for approximately 3 minutes, performing typing exercises against the clock.

The candidate will receive an email inviting them to take the validation test and once they click on the link, will be presented with a split screen monitor - the top section displaying the text to be typed and the bottom section (white out) where they will type the displayed text. This invitation email will be personalised, incorporating the organisation's logo.

When ready to commence the assessment, the candidate simply needs to start typing. The count will only begin once they start typing. A continuous text will be presented for a duration of 3 minutes.

Once completed, the program will automatically stop counting keystrokes and the test will end.

The client will not be notified of their result and will simply log off.

Results recorded are for Speed (wpm) and Accuracy (%) and can be viewed by the agent in their Admin panel.

Please remember typing is a skill which is easily and in-expensively learned. If the right candidate presents him/her self - train them. Teach them a 'life skill'.

All our licenses come without an expiry date but should you need to increase your license, either contact us or buy a new license via our web shop.

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Typing Test

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