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Protecting YOU against RSI

KAZ Guardian Angel is a specifically designed program intended to protect you against RSI.

The program is intentionally lighthearted and unobtrusive, yet addresses the serious issue of RSI and its preventative measures.

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What is RSI ?

The debilitating condition of RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury is a general term used to describe a range of medical conditions caused by the repetitive action/overuse of part of the upper body (forearms, elbows, wrists, hands, neck and shoulders).

When typing for long periods without rest, problems can arise with the hands and wrists - which can be further exaggerated if posture and workstation set up is poor.

Unfortunately, cases of RSI are on an increase. It is said to affect one in fifty working people, particularly those using computers for prolonged periods of time. Further concern is that prevalence can be much higher in workplaces with bad ergonomics and other risk factors. One UK study estimates that if you work with computers, you are more likely to get RSI at some point in your career, than to be involved in a car accident. However, the good news is that RSI is easy to prevent and can usually be treated, particularly if caught in the early stages.

How can Keyboard Users Prevent RSI ?

Prevention is aided by correct typing technique, regular breaks from the keyboard, adjusting furniture and positioning screens at eye level.


Keyboard skills training: Keyboard users should be trained to use all ten fingers.

Breaks: Display screen work should be regularly interrupted - with an RSI guard running in the background.

Display screen: Positioned at eye-level. Clean, stable image with adjustable contrast and brightness, ability to tilt, swivel and free of reflective glare.

Keyboard: Tilt-able and separate from the screen. Sufficient space in front to provide support for user's hands and arms. Surface of keyboard must be non-reflective. Key symbols must be clear and keys well spaced.

Work desk/surface: Sufficiently large enough to allow flexible arrangement of screen, keyboard, documents and related equipment.

Work chair: Stable and must allow freedom of movement. Seat height and back must be adjustable.

Footrests and wrist rests: Should be available to users if required. If not used, wrists should be held up, not leaning on the desk surface.

How can KAZ help?

To ensure the health and safety of all keyboard users, it is essential that the meaning, causes, risks and preventative measures associated with RSI are understood.

KAZ Guardian Angel is a tool which has been designed to help, educate and manage the above and ensure the user is aware and advised.

The program runs in the background of your computer, monitoring your use of the keyboard and mouse in any application and whenever set parameters are either met or exceeded, it interrupts you and initiates two different types of breaks.

A micro pause (10-30 seconds) - where you carry out simple exercises for hands, wrists or arms.

A longer or 'away break' (1-5 minutes) - following longer periods of typing and mouse use, encouraging you to move away from your PC and exercise.

The frequency of breaks and their duration have been set to a default. However, these settings can be changed to suit personal preferences of typists of varying abilities. The default settings are for general guidance only and have been reached through extensive research of RSI.

KAZ developed Guardian Angel with typists in mind. As typing speeds and styles vary, the program may not trigger breaks very often and for this reason we have included a demo of both the 'Micropause' and the 'Long Break'. Where possible, we encourage you to look through and practise these during the course of your day.

The reason KAZ is the preferred choice of RSI guard is because it is adaptive and responsive to the typist. If you are not typing at all, or are typing at a speed of less than 15 words per minute and do not exceed the set parameters - breaks will not be activated. Also, for example, if your breaks are set to every 3 minutes and you type at 50wpm for the first 2 minutes, then reduce to less than 15wpm for the last minute, once again the break will not be activated but will be postponed to the next 3 minute session, and so on.

All information and data gathered is kept strictly PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL to the computer to which it is installed and is purely intended for the user's attention. It will not be transmitted, shared or divulged to any third party.

An essential element in helping prevent RSI is the ability for individuals to touch type correctly. KAZ’s accelerated learning typing software is a REVOLUTION in keyboard training. It reduces the time taken to learn to type and teaches the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes!

KAZ is used by millions of people world-wide and its network versions are widely used in schools, colleges, universities, government departments, banks and global businesses. KAZ Typing Tutor and Guardian Angel are available for either PC or Mac.

Download now and Guard Against RSI.

Common Sense Practical Approach

Whilst KAZ Guardian Angel is a powerful tool designed to help protect you against RSI, we cannot guarantee you will not suffer any of these problems. We recommend you use KAZ Guardian Angel as part of a common sense approach in taking sensible precautions whilst typing on a daily basis.

KAZ Guardian Angel - Think of tomorrow - Protect yourself today

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