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Why Teach your Employees to TYPE?

Incentivise employees with a world recognised ‘City & Guilds Assured’ digital Certificate and Badge to showcase on their social media profiles.
Earn CPD / CE Accreditation points / hours with ALL our business courses.
Bett Awards Finalist 2019.

Wherever businesses or organisations teach their employees to type - you will find KAZ Typing Tutor. Our PROFESSIONAL and patented keyboard training software offers ease of deployment and superfast results, due to its unique and revolutionary ACCELERATED LEARNING teaching method.

KAZ’s new inclusive Corporate typing tutor caters for all users, including those with SEN/Dyslexia. The program opens with an optional 'Preference Screen' - which tailor makes the course - teaching typing skills whilst minimising disturbances related by visual stress.

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The Method

Developed by the same course team of experts responsible for producing over 55 RSA/NVQ level computer and office skills courses, KAZ's unique method uses 'brain balance' - i.e. it engages the major senses of sight, sound and touch simultaneously, radically enhancing memory retention and recall - which is why it is so effective. Using just 11 words in 5 easily memorised, scientifically structured and trademarked phrases, this PROVEN method trains the fingers on both hands to work symmetrically and simultaneously. No other typing tutor works in this way.

Typically, the programme takes just 90 minutes to teach the A-Z keys and approximately 4 hours to cover the whole keyboard - all of which can be taught in short modules to fit in and around busy workplace schedules - making KAZ the ideal choice where time is limited and fast results needed.

The Preference Screen

The KAZ program opens with a unique © Preference Screen - catering for all users. The screen is set to ‘default’ - a setting suitable for the majority. However, those with SEN/Dyslexia or suffering from visual stress should change the preferences until they can read the sample text comfortably. Once selected, these preferences will be applied throughout the course.

The Course Consists of 5 Modules:-

1. Flying Start - (An introduction to the course ) simple and consistent site navigation)

2. The Basics - (5 scientifically structured and trademarked phrases teaching the A-Z keys)

3. Just Do It - (A-Z keys reinforced)

4. And The Rest - (Punctuation Keys)

5. Speedbuilder - (Simple, yet discretely challenging module , increasing speed and accuracy)

Once the first phrase is completed, a real sense of achievement is gained, motivating the student to continue onto the next phrase and so on. Each section offers encouragement and instruction in short lessons in order to hold interest and concentration. The student is allowed to progress at their own pace, acquiring the skill and gaining speed and accuracy without even realising it.

City & Guilds Assured Edition

This new edition is the same as our Corporate edition but with an additional assessment module incorporating a Multiple Choice Paper and Typing Test.

On successful completion, candidates will receive a co-branded 'City & Guilds Assured' digital certificate and badge, which they can proudly showcase on their social media profiles.

Incentivise your staff with this City & Guilds Assured edition - a recognised and trusted global brand. Improve efficiency, productivity and growth.

Additionally, this course is accredited by the CPD Standards Office and qualifies 40 CPD points / 40 hours.

The CPD Standards Office

A2 Dominion Group, AgrEvo UK Limited , Alert1 USA , Allen and Overy, Amplicon Lineline Limited , ANZ Bank, Audit Commission, Avon & Wiltshire NHS , BAA , BT, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Partnership NHS , Bradford NHS Trust, Brighton and Hove City PCT, British Aerospace Defence Systems , British Airways Holidays , Busch UK Limited , Cambridge County Council , Carey Olsen , Child Support Agency, Chiswell Associates Ltd., Cleveland Police Authority, Commission for Racial Equality, Conwy Borough Council, Cumbria County Council, DTI , Denbighshire Social Services , Department of Education and Skills, Department for Work & Pensions, Derbyshire County Council, Disney Online Studios Canada, Drivers Licence Agency, Dundee City Council, Eagle Star, Employment Service Call Centres, European Space Agency, Export Credit Guarantee Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, Gallagher, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Goodwill Industries of SE Wisconsin USA , Government Actuaries Department, Greenflag, Hammersmith and Fulham PCT , Health and Safety Executive, Hillingdon PCT, IBM Ireland, Ikea, Immigration Advisory Service, Inclarity plc., Intel Ireland, Kent County Council, Lafayette Utilities USA,, LearnDirect, Lloyd's, London Borough of Southwark, London Metropolitan Police, Manchester Social Services Department , Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Merseyside Police Training Centre, Miller Insurance Services, Moat Housing , MOD , National Probation Service Teesside, Nationwide Building Society - Moulton Park, NCBI , NHBC , NNN Mental Health Trust , Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Norwich Union, Npower, Open University, OFGEM, Oxford City Council, P&O Cruises, Pfizer Limited, PGL Travel, Plymouth City Council (ALS), Prime Health, RS Components, Raglan Housing, Rathbone Brothers PLC.,, Richmond & Twickenham Primary Care Trust, Rolls Royce, Royal British Legion Industries, Royal Sun Alliance, RSM Bentley Jennison, Saatchi & Saatchi (New Zealand), Schroders, Scottish LearnDirect, Scottish Power, Sentura Group, Sony Music Entertainment, South Somerset District Council, Southampton City Council, Surrey County Council, StyleTech Architectural Hardware, TC Young, Telephones Helpline Association, Thames Water, The Army School of Recruiting, The British Council, The Environment Agency, The Quality Assurance Agency, Thursfields Solicitors, Transport for London, TTT Moneycorp Limited, Turner Broadcasting, TWI Limited, UBT (EU) Limited, UK Atomic Energy, West Mercia Youth Offending Service, West Sussex County Council, Whitesales LLC, Willis Croft & Co.

Software Platforms

Our software is available Online via our cloud based server, as a download for installation, for intranet use and in SCORM 1.2 compliant form for use in LMS/VLE systems. No other typing tutor is available over such a wide range of platforms. With its PROVEN track record, KAZ is by far the obvious and smart choice.

KAZ is used extensively in SME's, global businesses and government departments - worldwide (eg. UK's Learndirect).

Time is MONEY -See how you can save 3000 £ / $ per person - prepare to be amazed!

Don't take our word for it. Input YOUR figures into our ROI calculator and be amazed with the results. See how much KAZ can save your organization. It's not science fiction - it's FACT! Convinced - Press the button and buy KAZ now. Alternatively, if you would rather, try it for free and with no obligation - subject to status.

Business ROI

KAZ Type - Saving YOU Time and Money by increasing YOUR PRODUCTIVITY

Improve profitability simply by deploying KAZ across your organization. It will equip your staff with fast and accurate typing skills. KAZ has delivered some impressive results – one of the best ROI on a course.

Our research shows that up to 95% of employees waste time and focus 'hunt and pecking' at their keyboard. Learning to touch type correctly enables them to work faster, smarter and with much less stress.

KAZ has been selected by: Learn Direct, The Open University, Global businesses, Government departments, schools, colleges, universities and private individuals around the world.

ROI Calculator

Please enter the appropriate figures that reflect your organisation into the respective fields.

Total No. of Employees 50% 25% 10%
10 5 3 1
Daily Savings
Employee Hours 7.5 4.5 1.5
Employee Costs (£ / $) 82 50 16
Annual Savings
Employee Hours 1,650.0 990.0 330.0
Employee Costs (£ / $) 18150 10890 3630

DISCLAIMER: This ROI calculator is intended to illustrate cost savings opportunities that may be achieved under certain conditions. It is based upon a number of assumptions which may or may not be applicable in any given case. KAZ Type Limited makes no commitment as to their actual savings, gains or ROI.

Prices and Licensing

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  • The following feedback is from individuals / businesses who have purchased or used KAZ and who have written to us. Their comments are unsolicited and we have their written permission to quote them.

  • "I work for BP in the e-Learning area. I was sent this from one of BP's approved e-Learning vendors. I have found within BP, KAZ Typing tutor to be very effective and great fun way to teach keyboarding skills."

    Karen Kimberling, Digital Skills Consultant, BP
  • "KAZ's combination of spoken instruction, good illustrations and snappy phrases (not all the asdf-type drill) does make it impressively easy to get going."

    Director Magazine - Institute of Directors
  • "User found the software easy to use, reliable and effective. A large majority of students would recommend the software to family, friends and other students, and thought the software should be provided for students in future years."

    Extract from The Open University's Student Research Report on KAZ
  • "Ufi have delivered KAZ through the learndirect network since 2001. In this time the product has been popular, and very well received by learners. KAZ is a good introduction to touch typing and has been delivered by learndirect both as a standalone product, and as a superb accompaniment to Word Processing CBT"

    John Bright, University for Industry
  • "KAZ's clever phrase-based approach really does work"

    Computer Active Magazine
  • "I certainly enjoyed the experience. Lessons and atmosphere were low-key, clear and thorough and the threading and building on what you have learned is awesome."

    Herb Kiltzner
  • "If you can't already touch-type, start learning with KAZ."

    Jack Schofield, Guardian Newspaper
  • "As good as it claims to be. It is everything it claims to be, it is easy to understand, colourful. I found it very easy not to look at the keys whilst I was typing."

    Mary Day, Suffolk
  • "I bought a version of this about 5 years ago and successfully learned to touch type. I am going to buy the latest version now as my kids need to learn. Highly recommended for its simplicity."

    Sion Williams
  • "It just works, which is great and how all software should be, uncomplicated simple to install and use, great..."

    Ricardo Suarez, IT Services, Microsoft Certified Professional - Hull College
  • "Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate the time and interest that you have shown. It says a great deal about your company that you take the time to be so helpful. This is not true of many organisations so you are to be congratulated."

    Trevor Marsden New Zealand
  • "Thank you so much for your reply. I followed your instructions and everything is fine. Once again thank you for your support and efficiency. I certainly will be recommending this software to colleages."

    Geoff Goldberg
  • "I'm continually receiving thanks from Open University students who had felt 'stuck in the molasses' when working at their computers, and now can concentrate on their work rather than the keyboard."

    Professor Marc Eisenstadt, Chief Scientist, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University

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